Acesonic DGX-210 Multi-Format Karaoke Player with Digital Recording & CDG to MP3G ConverterAcesonic DGX-210 Multi-Format Karaoke Player with Digital Recording & CDG to MP3G Converter

Acesonic DGX-210 Multi-Format Karaoke Player with Digital Recording & CDG to MP3G Converter
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      • You will received a licensed copy of Acesonic Power CD+G Player Pro for Windows in the Acesonic 4GB SD Card.  Using the Power CD+G Player Pro, you can playback your MP3+G tracks on your PCs.  If you didn't receive the software on your SD Card, please open up a ticket through our support center and we'll get it e-mailed to you.

    We recommend you choose the Acesonic 32-in-1 USB Card Reader if your memory card is not a SD, MMC or MS Card. Not compatible with Acesonic 2GB SD card.

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The Acesonic DGX-210 is the world's most advanced karaoke player ever developed. Whether you are looking to buy your first karaoke player or you are looking to find a replacement player, this is the last karaoke player you will ever need!  It offers the best performance and value among all karaoke players in the market.

Exclusive Features:

  • World's first and the only karaoke player that can encode your CD+G disc to MP3+G format without using a PC.  Simply place the CD+G you want to convert into the disc tray and it encodes directly to a USB flash drive or a memory card.  There's no need to buy an expensive and bulky hard drive player or PC to store these files.  You can encode only 1 song or an entire disc at once.  An on-screen keyboard enables you to quickly enter your song title before recording.
  • The World's first MP3+G Digital Recorder: The DGX-210 can record your singing into MP3+G format.  When you are recording your performance with a CD+G disc or MP3+G file, the player will also encode the graphic of the song into a new MP3+G file.  When you playback your recorded song, not only will you hear your singing, but you can also see the graphic of the song on-screen to see if you are following the lyrics correctly.
  • Full support of MP3+G Playback function: The DGX-210 can play your MP3+G files in a CD, DVD, USB Drive or Memory Card.   MP3+G's are compressed karaoke files that have CD quality music stored in a small file size. MP3+G is quickly becoming the new standard for karaoke medias.  It is easy to transport and it is used by most download web sites.   You can easily exchange new songs with your friends using the MP3+G format.

    Creating a player with so many powerful features and keeping it affordable is no small task but Acesonic has managed to make it happen. At $109, this is one of best player you will ever find!

Now you can have the ultimate experience wherever you go! You can plug in the Acesonic Pocket Karaoke to the DGX-210 through USB and rip MP3G tracks to its internal memory. Once converted, you can play your tracks wherever you go!

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  • Plays most downloaded karaoke tracks which are in MP3+G format
  • Direct access keys on front panel including: 0-9 keys, L/R/Stereo, Key Controller and Track Selection.
  • You can record your singing with a CD+G or MP3+G track and it will rip the graphic when it is recording.
    • You can "record" all your performances to the memory card. Once you are done recording, you can review your performance or send the track to your friends or post on-line.
  • You can save your favorite songs to a USB device or a memory card by ripping from a disc
  • You no longer need an expensive PC and a special CD-ROM to convert your discs to MP3+G tracks
  • With the CD+G to MP3+G converting function, you can rip any of your favorite tracks to a memory card and you can backup your disc forever without the need of the original CD to play your track.
  • MP3+G is the most popular downloaded karaoke format. It enables you to compress the file to about 10% of its original size and you can transfer and play on any PC. Most KJ/DJs also use this format for their gigs.


  • Compatible with MP3, CD, VCD, CD+G, MP3+G, DVD, AVI, MP4, DivX
  • Record singing while playing MP3's from  CDs, VCDs, CDGs, MP3+Gs
  • Create & Rename MP3+G files from CD+G or MP3+G files in a disc to USB Flash Drive, SD card, MMC or Memory Stick
  • Convert a single track or whole CD+G discs into MP3+G files
  • 2 microphone inputs with individual volume control
  • Professional karaoke mixer with echo volume adjustment
  • +/- 6-Step key control
  • Full function front panel design for easy operation.
  • Signal system: PAL/NTSC/AUTO
  • Singing Scoring Game: You'll receive a score after each song which is perfect for friendly competitions
  • Upgradeable Firmware with future software to enhance the player's functionaries
  • Progressive scan up to 720p HD video output
  • Video output: Composite Video, S-Video, Component Video
  • Audio output: 2 Channel, 5.1 Channel, Optical and Coaxial
  • FDA approved
  • Power AC 100~240V 50/60Hz
  • Rack Mountable
  • Worldwide Compatible - Can be use anywhere in the world, or play any discs from around the world!
  • You can rip any regular CD into MP3 format using this player's encoding function
  • Ship Weight: 9lbs

Package Includes:

  • Remote Control
  • Power Cable
  • RCA Cable
  • Rack-Mount Kit
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty Card

Firmware Updates: To update, simply place the BIN file on a USB storage device, SD card, or burn onto a CD and play it with the DGX-210. The updating process will start as soon as the player reads the file. Only apply the firmware update if your are experiencing the issues described below.

(12-8-2009) Download
Fixes an issue with the song cue function where the 1st song on the disc is played instead of the next song when pressing play after you cue a song.

(3-25-2010) Download
Enables your DGX-210 to play songs from Chartbuster's USB thumb drive which are AVI file songs.


Get Extended Warranty!
This product qualifies for our extended warranty coverage. We'll fix or replace your machine within 3 days. Click here for details...
1 Year Warranty - $19.99
2 Year Warranty - $27.99
3 Year Warranty - $32.99

*To record properly, you will need to use an SD card that is at least Class 4 data transfer speed (DTS) or better or using a  USB 2.0 Flash Drive. Using an SD card with a slower DTS will result in inferior recording quality and possibly skipping of the audio track. Be sure to pick up a memory card reader from us so you can start sifting through your data right away! 

Acesonic DGX-210 (PDF, 6.14MB) (Right click, save as...)
Click here to download the instruction manual

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Acesonic DGX-210 Multi-Format Karaoke Player with Digital Recording & CDG to MP3G Converter
3 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Lutz, FL
3 Stars

It's OK but...
July 24, 2014
It has a significant delay between the on screen lyrics and the music tracks. The same files played on DGX-2121 do not have a delay. I wasn't sure how to correct this. I tried connecting the optical sound output directly to the amp instead of letting it route thru the TV, but it didn't help. Also the interface is slow.
Merchant Response:
This delay is caused by the digital processing in the TV. Some models are able to deactivate this feature on their TVs to eliminate the problem.
It's cheap
sound delay issue, slow interface


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