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We know times are tough for everybody. We are facing one of the worst economic crisis ever. Not only are people losing their houses to foreclosure, companies are laying people off and banks are restricting their credit card offers. There are plenty of things you want to do but your budget is tight!

We want to help you have fun and sing karaoke! You tell us what products you want  and what budget you can afford. You can e-mail or call us with your best offer. We’ll make our best effort to make the deal happen for you. To make the process easy, please follow the guidelines below.

Please include the following information when you call, e-mail, or fax us your best offer:

Address (Tax will be added if in CA:
E-Mail Address:
Shipping Method:
Payment Type:

Please include the following information for each item you would like to make an offer on:

Item Code:
Item Description:
Your Offer:

To speed up the process, please try to submit a reasonable offer considering the many factors included such as labor, cost, shipping, etc... We will absolutely try our best to take your offers but cannot accept very low ones. We will submit a counteroffer we hope will suit you if we find your original offer unworkable.

Call us at 1-888-893-7464 and tell our customer service rep that you want to make your best offer or

send a Fax: to 1-626-820-0625

or submit a ticket to our sales team.

Terms and Condition:

  1. Offer applies to both retail stores and phone purchases.
  2. Offer only limited to stock on hand
  3. Please give us up to 24 hours, Monday-Friday, to respond to your Best Offer. We may counteroffer.
  4. Total charges include taxes and shipping fees. These fees will add to your best offer price.
  5. You must pay your transaction when an agreement is met by Visa, Master Card, American Express, Paypal or Cash.
  6. The larger the order you place with us, the more discount you can get.
  7. We encourage buying multiple quantities of an item to share with your friends and family and get a bigger discount.
  8. General guideline of Best Offer price should be within 20% from the regular sales price.
  9. We may cancel this offer at anytime.
  10. Best Offer Deal is valid only within 5 days from the day you have received our counteroffer or agreement.

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