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What is Karaoke?

The word "karaoke" comes from the Japanese word "Kara" which means empty, and "Oke" (Okesutora), which means orchestra.  Rather than include both vocals and music, karaoke tracks leave the lead vocals out for you sing. The lead vocals are provided by the performer singing the karaoke song! Some karaoke discs provide an additional track that includes guide lead vocals to help you while other discs can be multiplex which allows you to turn the vocals on or off on the same track.

What is a Karaoke CDG or CD+G?

A CDG or CD+G are the same thing and the terms can be used interchangeable. It stands for Compact Disc + Graphics and is the standard format for most English karaoke discs.  These discs can either be played on a karaoke machine that supports CDG or in a regular player that can play CDs. Keep in mind that you will not be able to see any words on your screen if you play CDGs in a CD player.

What is a Karaoke VCD?

A VCD (Video Compact Disc) is a disc with video stored on it so the music can be played with a video running in the background. This format is different from DVDs and CDGs so you will need a karaoke player capable of reading VCDs to play this format. Most non-English music will be in this format.

What is a Karaoke DVD?

A DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) is a disc that is able to store large amounts of information on a single disc. Higher resolution video can be running in the background while karaoke music is playing. This format is different from CDGs so you will need a karaoke player capable of reading DVDs to play this format.  Most non-English music will be in this format.

What is the difference between CDGs, VCDs, and DVDs?

CDGs have no video running in the background when the song is playing.  This means you will only see the words on the screen and nothing else. VCDs have a video running in the background, in addition to lyrics, while the music is playing.  DVDs also have a video running in the background, in addition to lyrics, while the music is playing.  DVDs will typically have more songs than either CDGs or VCDs.

What is MP3G?

MP3G is the newest format for karaoke music.  There are 2 files stored on the disc, an MP3 file and a Graphics file.  An MP3 is a compressed audio file. The graphics file is what you see on the screen. This format has the advantage of having a lot more songs on one disc compared to a CDG since MP3 files are a lot smaller than CDG files.  This format will only play on MP3G players.

I am looking for a CD. What should I buy?

If you must use a CD player, only CDG formatted discs will work. You will be able to play CDG discs in your normal CD player but will have no way to display lyrics on a screen. Leads vocals will also not be able to be switched on or off if you use a multiplex disc.

What is the music quality of the discs?

Karaoke music usually does not sound exactly like the official versions of the song because they are all recreated by karaoke music manufacturers. Sound, accuracy and quality all vary from one manufacturer to the other.

What is the best format for me?

There is no one format that is the best and you should choose base on your preference. Every format has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, if you prefer a large quantity of music, you would pick the MIDI format like that found on Magic Microphone systems. You would trade in sound quality to have possibly hundreds of songs. Or you might prefer the CDG format as most new songs will come out on CDG before they appear on any other format.  The drawback to this would be the limited number of songs on each disc, etc.

What is a Multiplex Disc?

This is a disc with a split track. The left channel of the track has the vocal recording and the right channel of the track has the instrumental recording. This gives you the option of turning the vocals on or off on a karaoke player as the player will switch from left channel mono sound to right channel mono sound. When played on a regular CD player you will hear both the vocals and instrumentals.

What is a non-multiplexed disc?

This is when the disc does not have split track. It only has the instrumental track on it. It will not have any vocal recordings other than the back up vocals.

What is MIDI file?

MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. This kind of music type is electronically composed by 128 instruments at the most. The file size is very small compared to WAV files or MP3 files.

I just bought a disc from your site.  Itís not by the original artist!

Most karaoke songs and tracks are not by the original artist. Karaoke music manufacturers recreate tracks as close to the original as they're capable of. Original artist names and song titles are used to identify the track.

How do I search for a song on your website?

There is a search bar at the top of our website where you can type in what you're looking for. Enter the name of the artist or song title that you're looking for to search through our site.

I need a disc with no vocals on it whatsoever.  How do I find one on your site?

There is no way for us to tell whether the discs will have absolutely no vocals on it or not.  This will depend on whether the manufacturer of  the disc decides to put in vocals.  Ninety nine percent of our discs will have some form of background, helper, and/or chorus vocal on it. Karaoke music will usually only remove the lead vocals leaving any chorus or background vocals as part of the track.

What is Amplifier?

Mixing Amplifiers combine both a karaoke mixer and amplifier (receiver) in one unit. You will need an amplifier if you want to power external speakers for greater sound than connecting directly to a television. You can turn any  DVD, VCD or CD+G player into karaoke system with a mixing amplifier. Ace Karaoke highly recommends using karaoke or live sound speakers to avoid damaging regular speakers found in televisions and surround systems which were only design to playback recorded audio.

What is a Mixer?

One of the biggest functions of a mixer to take many audio sources such as from a player, microphone, and instruments and combine it into one source to be outputted to a speaker system. Another big function found in some mixers is its' ability to enhance sound quality by allowing you to adjust treble, bass, microphone volume, music volume, key control, echo, delay, repeat, or also perform vocal reduction. Depending on your needs or budget, you may or may not need all of the functions found in a complex mixer and a simple mixer will do.

What is a quarter-inch or XLR cable?

This usually refers to a microphone cable with a quarter-inch or XLR plug at the end of the cable. Some are available shielded and can also be used to connect audio channels to and from a mixeror amplifier.

What is an RCA cable?

A RCA cable is a cable with red, white, and yellow colored plugs at the ends of the cable.  This cable is usually used to connect the audio and video from the karaoke machine to your TV and/or amplifier, mixer etc.

What is NTSC/PAL?

NTSC is the standard TV signal used in North America.  The signal for NTSC is 60Hz.  PAL is the standard TV signal used in Europe.  The signal for PAL is 50Hz.  Make sure you have your karaoke machine set to the correct frequency to avoid incompatibility with your TV monitor.

Do all disc formats play on all players?

No, not all players are able to play all formats. Please check your player's manual or check with the manufacturer to see what formats your player can support.

Ordering and Shipping Questions

What is the warranty on your machines?

Most machines come with a 1 year manufacturerís warranty. Please check the paperwork or warranty card that is included with your purchase to get full details about the warranty of your item. Please give us a call or message us at our Support Center if you would like details prior to purchasing.

What are the shipping cut off times?

  • Shipping days are Monday thru Friday.
  • For Next day Air, 2nd Day Air, 3 Day Select, orders should be placed before 12:00 Noon PST or 3:00 P.M. EST for same day shipping, or it will not be guaranteed to go out the same day.
  • UPS Ground will usually go out the same day; however, it is not guaranteed.
  • We DO NOT ship on Weekends (Saturday, and Sunday) or Holidays.

Where can I find the status of my order?

You can view the status of your order in the email invoice we have sent you. If you want updated information, please give us a call or message us through our Support Center.

I don't have an email address. How can I check my order?

Call 1-888-784-3384 and a customer service representatives will be happy to help you.

I did not receive a UPS Tracking Number. What can I do?

A tracking number is assigned at the end of the day that you placed your order. You will usually receive the tracking number in your email within the next day or day after. If you need this tracking number urgently, please call 1-888-893-7464.

What is my tracking number?

To find your tracking number click on Track Your Order, located on the top right of our homepage. Please give us a call at 1-888-893-7464 If you are still unable to locate your tracking number.

Where are you located?

We are located at:
161 S. 8th Ave.
City Of Industry, CA 91746
United States

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes we ship to Canada.  However, we do not cover any duty and/or brokerage fees incurred when the merchandise crosses the border to Canada. Please refer to our international shipping page for more information on procedures and policies.

Where can I find my order?

You can view the status of your order in the email invoice we have sent you. If you would like updated information, please message us through our Support Center or give us a call and have your order number available.

I've got the tracking number. How do I track my order?

Just input your tracking number in the UPS Tracking Page and you will see the status of your order. Please visit if you have a United States Post Office tracking number.

Do you ship International?

Yes. We do ship international orders. Please refer to our international shipping page for more information on procedures and policies.

When will I receive my package? 

Total delivery time = delivery method + availability.
    Next Day Air:  Availability + 1 business day
    2nd Day Air:    Availability + 2 business days
    3 Day Select:  Availability + 3 business days
UPS Ground:   Availability + Approximately 1-10 business days depending on your location.
Please keep in mind that UPS Ground orders will not be guaranteed to arrive at a certain date. Tracking information will be available for UPS orders.
*Ace Karaoke is not responsible for certain lost or delayed shipments caused by carriers.

What is the shipping difference between UPS and USPS?


UPS Domestic


Shipping Time

1-7 Days Business Days

Up to 8 Business Days


Tracking # given

Tracking # given


Coverage over $100

Special Services

Cut off Times

3:00pm Pacific Time

2:00pm Pacific Time

Types of Service

Private company

Government Company


Guaranteed Service

Not Guaranteed


Will cost more because of better service given. Please call 888-8WE-SING for price quotes

Will cost less because it is not a guaranteed service. Please call 888-8WE-SING for price quotes.

How long will it take to deliver my order?

UPS Next Day Saturday Will receive Saturday, if purchased on Friday.

UPS Next Day Air

Will receive next day after purchase

UPS 2nd Day Air

Will receive 2nd day after purchase

UPS 3 Day Select

Will receive 3rd day after purchase

UPS Ground

4-10 Business Days Depends on Location

Example: Customer placed order Saturday at 3:00 p.m. for UPS Next Day Air. Customer will not receive items until Tuesday.

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