Ace Karaoke's Extended Warranty Policy

Our extended warranty policy is simple. If you purchase an extended warranty and your machine becomes defective during the coverage period, we will replace it if it can't be fixed. Please see below for full details.

  • How fast can I get my machine repaired?
    We offer a 7 business day turnaround time to get the product working in brand new condition. We will provide 100% parts and labor coverage unless it is determined that the product was intentionally damaged or missing/stripped of the parts.
  • Who pays for shipping?
    Ace Karaoke will only ship back to you. It is your responsibility to ship the item to us. We recommend you use a traceable method, sufficient packing supplies, and insure your package.
  • Ace Karaoke will pay for return shipping usually by ground. You will need to pay for an upgrade to use an expedited shipping method if it is urgent.
  • If we determine that we cannot fix your item within 3 days, we'll replace it with a brand new identical item free of charge. 
  • If the item is no longer available, we’ll replace it with an item with similar value and functions. Or you can choose to get CREDIT only towards buying another similar machine.  Credit is non-refundable.
  • The extended warranty coverage can be transferred. For example, if you gave the item away as a gift or sold your item, the recipient will still be covered under the extended warranty until coverage expires.
  • When will coverage begin?
    The coverage date begins from the date of purchase.  This includes covering shipping damages on the way to your location.
  • “Ace Karaoke’s extended warranty vs. manufacturer’s warranty”, what’s the difference? 
    We’ll take care all product’s under “Ace Karaoke’s extended warranty service” ourselves.  Some manufacturer's warranty's will cover anywhere from 14 days, to 90 days, to 1 year. Ensure your item will be covered beyond that with our extended warranty. In addition, you may wait weeks, or months for your item to be serviced by the manufacturer. We'll save you time with our 7 day turnaround policy.
  • If you wish to cancel your extended warranty coverage, you must request a refund within 14 days. You can still return a product within 14 days for a refund even if you purchased the extended warranty. We’ll prorate the period and deduct a minimum of 1 month worth of extended warranty.  After 14 days, the extended warranty is not refundable.
  • What area is covered?
    Ace Karaoke’s extended warranty is only covered in 50 states, including Hawaii and Alaska, in the U.S.
  • Does Ace Karaoke’s Extended Warranty cover software purchases?
    No, not at this time.
  • Can I buy Ace Karaoke’s Extended Warranty after my purchase?
    Yes, you may purchase the warranty within 60 days of your purchase date, however, you have to wait a 60 day grace period before the warranty coverage begins and becomes effective.

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