January 2009 Newsletter

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New for 2009! 3 HDMI Inputs
1080p Compatible, 640 Watts
21 Total Audio and Video Inputs
7 DSP Modes, USB & SD/MMC/MS Card Reader to Playback MP3, WMA, DIVX, JPEG, MPEG files

Perfectly tuned for the DKR-510 Receiver!

The PX-88 and the SX-88 come with a lifetime warranty and money back guarantee!

These microphones are made in the same factory that make other top name mics! Give it a shot! You have nothing to lose with the money back guarantee.

The last A/V switch you will ever need. Quick-Connects on the front will let you connect an extra set of speakers, amps and a player quickly and easily of you fill up your 10 spots!
$599.00 - 10%= $539.10

NEO+G's contain hundreds of songs on 1 disc! Stop swapping discs and play more songs!

New for 2009!
Play and record MP3+G files directly to an SD Card!

Turn any MP3 into a karaoke track with a lyric file!

1 FREE Disc Pack Included
Now with HDMI and improved Song Manager! Stores 400 discs.

Able to read 32 types of memory cards! Use this with anything that has a USB port!

New for 2009! The RoadMaster is the next generation of professional portable karaoke systems that is able to broadcast sound to
other Roadmasters! Built-in 8-hours battery life, and built-in UHF microphones!

Choose a free disc pack from
the available selections!
Read 32 types of memory cards with the FREE Card Reader and encode MP3 files
onto your memory cards through the USB Port or Built-In SD/MMC Slot

Stop interference and go UHF!
Switch between 32 Channels (16 per mic)!
The best and most affordable UHF rechargeable wireless microphone available. Period.

Got a Acesonic KOD-800?
Time to go to the next level and create a jukebox! All you need is an amplifier and
a KOD-800 or KOD-650! Everything is complete including a bill collector.
If you're using it at home, the bill collector can
be disabled allowing you to use full functions without inserting money.
This is the best possible
entertainment for any party!

Here are some titles from our 50% off Sale!       Click here for more!!
Use Coupon Code: PACKSALE5
Best of 70's, 80's & 90's 4 Discs DVD Package
$39.95 - 50%= $19.97
U-Best Top Hits English Karaoke VCD 44 Disc Set
$129.00 - 50%= $64.50
Supercore 2008 Karaoke 16 CD+G Disc Pack
$79.00 - 10%= $39.50
Original Footage Music Video Karaoke DVD Pack
FREE 2,576 Spanish Songs
500GB Hard Drive

Acesonic KOD-800 Karaoke-On-Demand Jukebox System with 500GB HD Spanish Edition
$899.00 - 10%= $809.10
FREE 1,573 Spanish Songs
EnterTech MagicSing ET-9000 Digital Karaoke Spanish Microphone System
$190.00 - 10%= $171
Best Deal! 10 Hot CDGs
Karaokanta 10 Disc CDG Spanish Pack
$99.00 - 10%= $89.10
MultiKaraoke OKE-0308 Multi Karaoke OKE308 - Marco Antonio Solis Vol. 4 CDG
Hot New Spanish Series!
Magic Music CDG
$14.95 each
Hot New Spanish Series!
Hundreds of CDGs to pick from!

Karaokanta Spanish CDG
$14.99 each
Karaokanta KAR-4394 - Baladistas Mujeres 70's & 80's - 4 Spanish CDG
Karaokanta KAR-4395 - Baladistas Mujeres 70's & 80's - 5 Spanish CDG
Latin Stars Vol. 366 - El Gran Combo Vol. 2 CDG
Latin Stars Vol. 367 - Ramon Ayala Vol. 2 CDG
Karaoke Station KSA-106 - Vichente 2 Spanish CDG
Karaoke Station KSA-107 - Los Fernandez Spanish CDG
Chart Hits Monthly Country - January 2009 CDG
Chart Hits Monthly Pop - January 2009 CDG
Chart Hits Monthly Urban - January 2009 CDG
Chartbuster CDG - Hot Hits Country January 2009
Chartbuster CDG - Pop Hits of the Month January 2009
Chartbuster CDG - Hot Hits Monthly January 2009 Pop/Urban
Chartbuster CDG - Hot Hits Monthly January 2009 Hot Picks
Chartbuster CDG - Hot Hits Country January 2009 Vol. 2
Chartbuster 3 CDG Set
70's & 80's One Hit Wonders Vol. 1
Chartbuster 3 CDG Set
70's & 80's One Hit Wonders Vol. 2
Chartbuster 3 CDG Disc Set
2008 Country Hits Vol. 2
Chartbuster 3 CDG Disc Set
2008 Pop Hits Vol. 2
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