Acesonic JB-1200 Jukebox Lease to Own ProgramAcesonic JB-1200 Jukebox Lease to Own Program

Ace Karaoke is now offering a lease to own program for the Acesonic JB-1200 + KOD-800 Jukebox with Bill Collector.
You can choose a payment plan that fits your budget and start making money at your venue right away! Ace Karaoke will collect part of revenue generated to pay off the remaining balance. Your jukebox will pay for itself!

See the pricing chart below.

JB-1200 + KOD-800 Jukebox Lease Plan

Initial Down Payment Profit Split - Leasee   /   Ace Karaoke Lease-to-Own Point
$3,999 100% 0% $0
$2,999 75% 25% $1,250
$1,999 50% 50% $2,500
$999 25% 75% $3,750

Payment Details:
Depending on your down payment, Ace Karaoke will collect the percentage from the revenue listed above. The jukebox is fully paid for once Ace Karaoke has collected the amount listed as the Lease-to-Own Point or once you pay off the remaining balance derived from the Lease-to-Own Point minus any revenue that has been collected.

If "Charlie's Karaoke" wants to make a down payment of $1,999 for the jukebox, Charlie will collect 50% of the revenue and Ace Karaoke will put the other 50% towards paying off the Lease-to-Own Point balance. Once Ace Karaoke has collected $2,500, Charlie will keep the machine. However, if Charlie foresees that business is good, he can pay $2,500 and become the sole owner of the jukebox. Once Charlie completes payment, he will keep the machine and get the key.

Terms and Restrictions

  1. Customer must be within 50 miles driving distance.
  2. Ace Karaoke will hold the jukebox key until the jukebox is paid for or throughout the lease agreement.
  3. Lease will only be offered to approved customers with good credit.  Any machines on lease belongs to Ace Karaoke until lease term expires.
  4. Products can be leased to own.  Once enough money from the profit split pays for the remaining balance, you will have 100% ownership of the jukebox.
  5. All machines comes with 1 year onsite repair.
  6. Lease term is:
    • 1 year if your down payment is $2,999
    • 2 years if your down payment is $1999 or $999

TV not included.


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