Acesonic Roadmaster Pro - 120W Rechargeable Acesonic Roadmaster Pro - 120W Rechargeable The Ultimate Portable System!

Acesonic Roadmaster Pro - 120W Rechargeable
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Exclusive Offer!

  • Special Deal on an SD Card. Choose from:
    • 2GB SD Card (Class 4) add-on for only $10
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    You will received a licensed copy of Acesonic Power CD+G Player Pro for Windows in the Acesonic 2GB and 4GB SD Card.  Using the Power CD+G Player Pro, you can playback your MP3+G tracks on your PCs.  If you didn't receive the software on your SD Card, please e-mail your Sales Order # to and we'll send you a copy of the software by e-mail.

    We recommend you choose the Acesonic 32-in-1 USB Card Reader if your memory card is not a SD, MMC or MS Card.

Do you need a portable vocal, P.A. machine or a sound system for the road that's versatile and powerful enough to meet all of your needs? 2010's Acesonic Roadmaster Pro PK-1248 120-Watt All-In-One System is the ultimate portable sound system for you! Whether you are looking for a system for singers, guitar players, DJs or public speakers, the Acesonic Roadmaster Pro will definitely be the system of your choice!

The Acesonic Roadmaster Pro is so versatile and the design is so advanced, the possibilities are endless. There is no other machine in the world that comes close to its features and benefits.  This improved Roadmaster Pro not only retains all of its features from the older version, it also added many new functions to make it even better!

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Exclusive Features:

  • Automated and Retractable 7" Touch-Screen Color LCD - all disc playback functions including track selection, volume, and multiplex can be controlled through the touch screen.  Just by pressing a button, you can easily adjust the viewing angle or the screen will automatically retract and hide inside the Roadmaster Pro safely and securely.

  • Built-in 110V and 5V USB Power Outlet - Drawing power from its internal battery, you can connect any equipment to either the 110V or 5V USB outlet including: MP3 player charger, phone charger, iPod charger, karaoke jukebox, satellite box, TV tuner, gaming system, or all of your sound system.

  • Built-in 12V rechargeable battery that lasts up to 20 hours per charge - (2 Removable Battery Slots for rechargeable batteries, 1 battery included). Without a need for a power source, you can take the Acesonic Roadmaster Pro anywhere you want to go from the park, to the beach, to school, on the road, to the sidewalk, to backyards etc... the possibilities are endless!

  • Built-in Bluetooth Speaker Capability - you can play music wirelessly from PCs, cell phones or any portable players that can support A2DP Bluetooth function

  • Built-in MP3 and MP3G playback function - you can play all of your MP3G files on this player.
  • WAV Recording - Using the WAV recording function, you can record your important lectures or performance so you won't need to repeat the same message twice.  You can easily transport the files to and from your PC using any standard SD Card.

  • Voice Priority Function - Using this function, you can lower the background music when you are speaking.

  • Used as a portable powered speaker - The Roadmaster Pro has a built-in 120 watt amplifier. You can connect any audio signal to the unit and utilize its internal battery to power the speaker up to 16 hours of non-stop use without the need of any power source.

  • Built-in dual 16-Channel UHF microphone system - you can use the dual microphones for singing, public speaking or instrument performance.  You can buy the optional microphone body-pack transmitter to connect to your headset, lapel or instrument microphones.

  • Battery Life LED Indicator - 4 LED lights will let you know how much power remains. 

  • 1 A/V RCA Input connector - You can connect your external music or video player and play hours of audio and video without the need of an external power source.

  • 1 x 1/4" Microphone and 1 x 1/4XLR Guitar Input - You can connect an additional microphone or a musical instrument to the Roadmaster Pro for your public performance.

  • 12V DC Charger Input - You can connect the Roadmaster to your car's cigarette charger to charge the system on the road or at your tailgate party.

  • External Speaker Out 1/4" connector - You can connect your Roadmaster Pro to an external speaker using 1 of the 2 options:  Dual Speaker or Single Speaker. The power will be shared with both the internal and an external speaker using dual speaker mode (80W @ 8 Ohms). Using the Single Speaker mode, the sound is sent to a dedicated external speaker.

  • 1 Audio & Video Output Connector - You can send your A/V signal to an external sound system, recording device or TV.

  • 1 Audio & Video RCA Input connector - You can connect your external music or video player such as an iPod or MP3 player to the Acesonic Roadmaster Pro.  You can enjoy hours of entertainment without the need of a power source.

  • 16-Channel UHF Transmission & Receiving Function -  You can transmit or relay audio signals to other Roadmaster Pros or Roadmaster Speakers up to 300 feet away.  Imagine if you need a ballroom or a park full of your sound, what do you need to do?  In the old way, you would have to run lots speaker cables from your amplifiers to each one of the speakers. It is not only a big hassle but also a dangerous task.  With our PA Broadcasting®, you can set one of your Roadmaster Pro as the 'master', and all of its audio signal will broadcast wirelessly up to a 300 ft range.  For the rest of your Roadmaster Pro's, you just have to turn on the 'slave' function and it will receive signals up to 300 ft away.  You can set as many Roadmaster Pro's as 'slaves' as you want in the area to make sure your sound is heard loud and clear.


  • Professional Three-In-One System: Public Address (P.A.), Vocal System and Guitar Amplifier
  • 1 Audio & Video RCA Output Connector
  • Built-in AM/FM Radio
  • Retractable handle and wheels for easy transportation
  • Speaker stand mounting hole on the bottom of unit

Music Play Functions:

  • Super Shock Resistant Design, Multi-region, Multi-format DVD/ CD+G Player
  • Compatible Format: Audio CD, DVD, VCD, CD+G, MP3, JPEG, WMA, AVI, MP3+G, WMA
  • 13-Step Key Control
  • 1 USB and 2 SD Card Slots - You can play all of your multimedia files including pictures, audios and videos using the Roadmaster Pro.
  • RCA Video Input Connector - You can connect any video source to the LCD screen.
  • RCA Video Output Connector - If the 7" LCD screen is too small for you, you can connect to a bigger TV screen.


  • Dimension: 18.66"L x 17.4"W x 26.9"H
  • Net weight: 42 Lbs
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Lifetime Technical Support

Optional Accessories:

  • Microphone body-pack transmitter to connect to your headset, lapel or instrument microphones.
  • European 220V to 12V Power Adapter
  • Satellite Wireless Speaker

Package Includes:

  • 2 Wireless Microphones
  • 2x AA Batteries
  • Velcro for attaching Remote Control
  • Heavy Duty Covering Case with 2 built-in side pockets for you to store your microphones, remote control and accessories.
  • Full function remote control
  • USB to Mini-USB Adapter

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