BMB CSX-850 500W 10" 3-Way Bass Reflex Speakers (Pair)Special Offer BMB CSX-850 500W 10" 3-Way Bass Reflex Speakers (Pair)

BMB CSX-850 500W 10" 3-Way Bass Reflex Speakers (Pair)
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This is a genuine BMB, Best Music Brand, product. BMB is a top manufacturer originating from Japan.

BMB CSX Series

  • Available in 8", 10", 12" speaker sizes
  • Standard basic speaker for karaoke sound
  • Sound is balanced for good mid-range sound
  • Easy and stable to sing to
  • Size can be selected depending on the size of the room
  • 3-way/5 speakers with tweeters/squawkers set on both sides
  • Sound directions are set individually for the tweeters/squawkers
  • The squawkers are angle-adjustable
    • They can be adjusted in accordance with the shape of a room to get the best sound

Why choose BMB?

There are many features and fine details in every speaker that make BMB the best karaoke speaker.

  • Double layer wood housing to handle powerful sound output
  • Speaker cabinet built with interlocking panels to strengthen the assembly as a whole when mounting
  • Durable mounting options utilizing a special fastener provide safety to the speakers and users
  • Strongly built speaker frame to join speaker cone and magnet together
  • Large and strong magnet behind the speaker cone contribute to the high quality sound output
  • High power, long diameter voice coil built with thick gauge wire
  • Reliable paper cone made in Japan
  • Green partner and ROHS Compliant to protect the environment

BMB Karaoke Speaker vs Listening Speaker

There are many distinctions as to why you should use a BMB karaoke speaker instead of regular speakers.

BMB Karaoke Speakers:

  • Vocals Can be mixed to music smoothly and can handle live audio from microphones better
  • Very wide listening position anywhere in the room
  • Emphasis on low-bass sound to show music rhythm to singers clearly
  • Anti-Howling measure for microphone
  • Play recorded sound sources such as CD and DVD perfectly

Listening/Regular Speakers:

  • Best listening position is the center of speakers (not wide)
  • Emphasis on high frequency sounds
  • Play recorded sound sources such as CD and DVD perfectly

Features & Specifications:

  • Type: 3-Way, 5-Speaker Bass Reflex System
  • Speaker: One 10" Woofer, Two 3" Tweeter, Two Squawkers
  • Max Power (Pair): 500W
  • Sound Pressure Level: 91dB/W/m
  • Impedance: 8 Ω
  • Dimensions (Each): 20.5"(W) x 11.7"(H) x 11.2"(D)
  • Net Weight (Each): 27.2lb

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