BMB DAR-800II Amplifier & CSE-312 Speaker Package, 4-Channel, 600-Watts, Dual Shure BLX288/PG58 Wireless MicsBMB DAR-800II Amplifier & CSE-312 Speaker Package, 4-Channel, 600-Watts, Dual Shure BLX288/PG58 Wireless Mics

BMB DAR-800II Amplifier & CSE-312 Speaker Package, 4-Channel, 600-Watts, Dual Shure BLX288/PG58 Wireless Mics
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This package combines the more advanced BMB DAR-800 II Karaoke Mixing Amplifier with a pair of BMB CSE-312 12-inch speakers and a set of Shure BLX288/PG58 Dual Wireless Microphones. The amplifier has plenty of adjustments so you can fine tune your sound and is able to run in 2-Channels or 4-Channels if you choose to expand in the future. The BMB CSE-312 Speakers deliver enhanced sound with its bass reflex design and offers a 3-Way speaker system. You'll be sure to hear your music with the best clarity and sound. The dual Shure wireless microphones are one of the best systems available. The PG58 microphones can pick up your voice perfectly because of the excellent Shure microphone head design and components. Shure also offers some of the best wireless reliability on the market. If you're looking for the best quality sound, material, build, and components, then this packaged system is for you. We've carefully configured it to take the guess work out of building out a system yourself.

Package Includes (Click for more details):

BMB DAR-800 II 600W 4-Channel Karaoke Mixing Amplifier Features & Specifications:

This BMB Digital Amplifier has three configuration (switch settings in rear):

  • SYSTEM 1: 150W x 2channels
  • SYSTEM 1 + 2: 150W x 4channels
  • BTL: 360W x 2 channels

This BMB Digital Amplifier has more than 11 kinds of sound effects including standard ECHO, BALLAD, FLANGER, ENKA, ROCK, RADIO VOICE, PANNING, DISTORTION,  REVERB, MIX, DUET etc.

Howling Control Function
One of the main functions of this BMB Amplifier is to effectively inhibit howling, protect speakers, and enhance smooth sound when you are singing.

13 Procedure Sandhi degrees Plus or Minus 3.0 Audio Functions
This BMB amplifier has a 13 procedure sandhi degrees plus or minus 3.0 audio function. It increases the range treble and bass can be adjusted.

Voice Conversion Function
BMB Digital Amplifier with voice conversion function changes the male and female voices to compliment one another which greatly enhances karaoke recreationality.

Blue StatusLED Display Board
BMB Digital Amplifier using a blue LED display board. It becomes much easier to use and looks more beautiful.


  • Music Tone Controls
    • Bass
    • Mid
    • Treble
  • Background Music (BGM) Volume Adjustment
  • L-R Balance
  • Tape Volume Adjustment
  • Recording Balance - Adjust between music and microphone volume
  • Rec/Play Mode On/Off Switch
  • Microphone 3 Echo On/Off Switch. Perfect for Announcements
  • Balance between SP 1-2
  • Microphone Tone Controls with Echo Select
    • Bass
    • Mid
    • Treble
  • Echo Controls
    • Repeat
    • Delay


  • Max Input Power: 150W x 4CH (8 ohm) - BTL: 360W x 2CH (8 ohm)
  • Main Pitch Degree: 13 degrees ± 3.0 DSP
  • Audio Input: 5 Systems
    • DVD
    • AUX
    • BGM
    • TAPE
  • Video Input: 3 Systems
    • DVD
    • CAMERA
  • Mic Input: 5 Total
    • Front 3
    • Rear 2
  • Sound change: ON / OFF (TACT-SW )
  • Sound Effects: 11 mode
  • Feedback Reduction: ON / OFF (TACT-SW )
  • Power: 220V
  • Dimensions: 16.55" (L) 5.6" (W) 15.6" (H)
  • Weight: 38 lbs

BMB CSE-312 800W 12" 3-Way Karaoke Speakers (Pair) Details:

This is a genuine BMB, Best Music Brand, product. BMB is a top manufacturer originating from Japan.

BMB CSE Series

BMB, the standard in Karaoke speakers delivers next generation sound quality.

  • These are luxurious 3-Way/5 speakers with tweeters & squawkers set on both sides.
  • Superellipse units provide increased range and reduced distortion for more powerful & clearer vocals.
  • Tweeters and squawkers can be rotated, allowing the maximum sound dispersal for the shape of the room.
  • Tweeter, squawker and woofer paper diaphragms are all made in Japan.
  • Features powerful deep bass and careful balance between music and microphone output.

Features & Specifications:

  • System: 3-Way, 5 Speakers
  • Woofer Unit: 30cm Paper Cone Type x 1 Unit
  • Squawker Unit: 9x6cm Paper Cone Type x 2 Units
  • Tweeter Unit: 9x6cm Paper Cone Type x 2 Units
  • Max Input Power (Pair): 800W
  • Rating Input Power (Pair): 300W
  • Dimensions (Each):
    • 22.36" x 13.78" x 13.39"
    • 568 x 350 x 340 mm
  • Weight (Each):
    • 35.7 lbs
    • 16.2 kg
  • Impedance: 8Ω
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