BMB Pro 600W Mixing Amplifier and Speaker System with Dual UHF MicsBMB Pro 600W Mixing Amplifier and Speaker System with Dual UHF Mics

BMB Pro 600W Mixing Amplifier and Speaker System with Dual UHF Mics
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This system combines the best components delivering the best sound and performance available! BMB components are one of the most renowned internationally because they are very well built and have a reputation as such. The BMB DAR-800II boasts 4 powerful channels providing you with a total of 600W! Its advanced circuitry, different modes, and system functions ensure you get the best! Likewise, their speakers left no stone unturned in its development. Everything from the speaker case to the bezels and speaker material were all specially picked for performance and sound. This is a genuine BMB, Best Music Brand, product. BMB is a top manufacturer originating from Japan.

Package Includes (click for full features and specifications):

Features and Specifications:


This is a genuine BMB, Best Music Brand, product. BMB is a top manufacturer originating from Japan. The BMB DAR-800II is one of the best sounding amplifiers available for karaoke and can power up to 4 speakers with up to 600W of power. This machine has been rigorously tested for quality and can play many hours reliably easily making the DAR-800II perfect for karaoke venues or your performances. With simple connections, the DAR-800II can be setup to you be used in your home as well. This advanced system will make sure your audio comes through flawlessly. Best when paired with a set of BMB speakers matched for the DAR-800II's power level.

This BMB Digital Amplifier has three configuration (switch settings in rear):

  • SYSTEM 1: 150W x 2channels
  • SYSTEM 1 + 2: 150W x 4channels
  • BTL: 360W x 2 channels

This BMB Digital Amplifier has more than 11 kinds of sound effects including standard ECHO, BALLAD, FLANGER, ENKA, ROCK, RADIO VOICE, PANNING, DISTORTION, REVERB, MIX, DUET etc.

Howling Control Function
One of the main functions of this BMB Amplifier is to effectively inhibit howling, protect speakers, and enhance smooth sound when you are singing.

13 Procedure Sandhi degrees Plus or Minus 3.0 Audio Functions
This BMB amplifier has a 13 procedure sandhi degrees plus or minus 3.0 audio function. It increases the range treble and bass can be adjusted.

Voice Conversion Function
BMB Digital Amplifier with voice conversion function changes the male and female voices to compliment one another which greatly enhances karaoke recreationality.

Blue LED Display Board
BMB Digital Amplifier using a blue LED display board. It becomes much easier to use and looks more beautiful.


Max Input Power 150W x 4CH ( 8 ohm) - BTL: 360W x 2CH ( 8 ohm)
Main pitch degree 13degrees � 3.0 DSP
Audio Input 5 systems ( KARAOKE, DVD, AUX, BGM, TAPE )
Video Input 3 systems ( KARAOKE, DVD, CAMERA )
Mic Input 5 systems: front 3, rear 2
Sound change ON / OFF ( TACT-SW )
Sound effects 11 mode
Feedback reduce ON / OFF ( TACT-SW )
Dimensions 16.55" (L) � 5.6" (W) � 15.6" (H)
Weight 38 lbs

BMB CSD-2000

It is a breakthrough for routine and traditional Karaoke speakers with a rated input power of 500W as this speaker has a max input of 1000W.

1. The speaker can be used both for Karaoke and dance music.

2. The speaker reproduces the ductility of sound in Karaoke and the powerful rhythm of dance music. The realization of these two seemingly completely reversed sounds results from several newly-developed technologies.


Type Bass Refiex Type
System 3 Ways 5 Speakers
Woofer Unit 30cm Paper Cone Type *1unit
Squawker Unit 8cm Paper Cone Type *2unit
Tweeter Unit 8cm Paper Cone Type *2unit
Max Input Power 1200W
Rating Input Power 500W
Dimensions(mm) 22.36"(L) * 13.78"(W) * 13.23"(H)
Weight 41 lbs per piece
Impedance 8 ohms

The Acesonic UHF-5200 Pro is a True Diversity, 900MHz -100 Channels UHF Wireless Microphone System. This system operates in the 900Mhz range which goes even further up the UHF spectrum to interference. Most common systems operate in the crowded 600 and 800MHz range so the UHF-5200 Pro effectively avoids interference and sfrequency traffic jams with other systems. Excellent sound quality is provided by commercial grade UHF true diversity where 2 radio modules per antenna are continuously compared to select the strongest signal which delivers exceptionally stable radio signal. If you run into some interference, just select another channel from the many available. The microphones will auto-sync with the receiver via infrared. These two features combine to provide you with a very robust system. The microphones themselves are designed to pick up your voice very well so you always sound like yourself and don't have to worry about sound degradation. After many uses, most microphones do get dropped a few times which is why these are built a lot more rugged than others. Acesonic has developed this system to perform very well with emphasis on sound and build quality.

There are 8 different sound effects to choose from to help enhance your sound. Make your choice depending on your music type like Pop, Rock, Classic, Jazz, Dance, or R&B. Other effects can match your sound preferences such as Boost or Treble. Standard settings are available for those who want no effects or prefer to use their own EQ.


  • Commercial grade UHF true diversity system
  • 8 Adjustable Sound Effects: Pop, Rock, Classic, Jazz, Dance, R&B, Boost, Treble3
  • CPU Control: A Micro Computer handles all the various functions such as frequency selection, display, sound settings and analyzing signals
  • Digital Frequency Synthesis Technology: Higher frequency stability
  • Digital Transmitting/Receiving Encryption
  • Single or Multi System Setup
  • Operates in 900-960MHz with 100 Channels - Avoiding crowded 600 & 800MHz bands & 160-260MHz VHF bands
  • Easy-to-Use infrared syncing feature and channel switching function
  • Two highly sensitive and durable microphones with LCD indicators
  • Rack-mountable


  • Overall:
    • Frequency Range: UHF 900-960MHz Digital Transmission
    • Digital Modulation Mode: pi/4DQPSK
    • Occupied Bandwidth: 300KHz
    • Transmission Rate: 204.8Kbps
    • Signal to Noise Ratio: 90dB
    • Frequency Response: 50~15KHz
  • Handheld microphone transmitter
    • Transmit Mode: Audio and Data using encrypted digital transmission
    • Dedicated Data Channel: 7kbps, internal CRC check
    • Capsule: Dynamic
    • Transmitting Power: ≤10dBm
    • Frequency Stabilization: ±0.005%
    • Battery: 2x 1.5V batteries
  • Receiver
    • Receive Mode: Digital Decryption Reception
    • Sensitivity: -94dBm

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