EnterTech MagicSing ET-19KB Digital Wireless Microphone Karaoke System - Tagalog Edition 2EnterTech MagicSing ET-19KB Digital Wireless Microphone Karaoke System - Tagalog Edition 2

EnterTech MagicSing ET-19KB Digital Wireless Microphone Karaoke System - Tagalog Edition 2
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The Magic Sing ET-19K comes with with 2,600 songs built-in. 1,649 English songs and 951 Tagalog songs are built-in. With new digital technology, CD quality sound is the new standard in these chips that make MagicSing systems so easy to use. This brings the opportunity for even more useful features that can make your karaoke experience more pleasurable, fun, and entertaining. This system comes with 2 wireless microphones, a full function remote control, and a main station that holds up to 6 song chips. You need only to connect the main station to your TV or entertainment system and power and you're ready to go. Turn it on and punch in a song number and you're already singing! It's still this easy to set-up but now you'll have plenty of features at your fingertips.

What's new?
You'll have more space for chips since you can hold 6 chips instead of 4 in previous models. With a total of 8 games built-in, you plenty of ways to entertain your guests. Another advancement is the ability to become your media center. Load up MP3s and movie files on the SD card and play them with the ET-19K!

Once you're connected, look through your songbook and punch in numbers or use the new song search feature. After entering the song search screen, you can punch in numbers or letters with the alphanumeric buttons on the remote control, search by title or singer, and results will be displayed on-screen. In addition, you can reserve up to 100 songs and the next 5 song numbers will displayed so you'll know what's coming next. You can also adjust settings over the song you chose such as volume of music, melody, microphone, echo effect, and multiplex as well as the tempo and key settings. Going even one step further, you can save your specific song settings with the MY-MIC feature. You can recall your settings anytime you select and sing that song again.

The ET-19K supports multiplex and displays musical notations. Vocal assist is also available on selected multiplex songs. The musical notation guide is available in select songs and will give you an idea of the key/pitch of the song you are about to sing. Another feature you make like is the JUMP feature. You can use the JUMP feature to skip the prelude or interlude part of a song. Singers in a hurry will benefit from this! Other fun features will let you select 9 different background themes, or play games like scoring, singing contest, song quiz, or the tuning meter which will let you check if your notes (scores) from singing are correct with the piano keys. If you want to add a personal touch, SD Card support will let you load in your own custom background images. Ace Karaoke.

Keep in mind, after stepping up the chip technology, you can now record whatever you want in CD quality. So grab your guitar, keyboard, or any other instrument, and play as you sing and record your very own tune. This can be a very fun and useful feature. You can play a song from a chip, play your guitar and record. You can play your newly recorded tune and play your keyboard this time and record again. Now you have a song in which you have played 2 instruments along with it. You can play this song back whenever you want and even record your singing with it if you want. The possibilities of customizing and changing songs are truly endless. A recording pack is required but there is enough built-in memory for you to practice one song. You can also see your remaining recording time on the display on screen.

The built-in USB interace will let you connect your ET-19K to your PC. With the included software, you can convert an image saved on your PC into a background image. You can also play songs from the "Recording Pack" inserted in the main station connected by USB to a computer. These songs are converted into WAV files and can be stored in and played via the computer. You can even create an audio CD and listen to it in your car stereo. Converting the WAVs to MP3 will let you use it in an MP3 player.


  • 2 Wireless Microphones
  • 2,600 Built-in Download Song List
  • 100% Backward Compatible with existing Enter-Tech Silver Chips and Recording Chips*
  • 6 Song Chip Expansion Slots Available
  • CD Sound Quality
  • Multiplex
  • Vocal Assist
  • Musical Notation display
  • Games: Song Quiz, Singing Contest, IQ200, Bingo 1, Bingo 2, Darts, Ten-Ten, Black Jack
  • Plays MP3, AVI, MP4
  • Tune Meter: Will let you check if your notes (scores) from singing are correct with the piano keys
  • Built-In USB Interface for Transferring New Songs / Recorded Songs Between MagicSing and PCs
  • NTSC and PAL Compatible for use in Worldwide Televisions!
  • Improved picture quality
  • External Video Background Input - Change Background from any Standard RCA Video Source
  • Input Songs From microphones or Remote Controller
  • Song Search
  • Record any sound through the microphone onto a recording chip
  • Key Changer
  • Tempo Changer
  • Built-in Digital Echo
  • Voice Changer - Ability to change your voice to male or female
  • MY MIC feature: Save your sound adjustments and recall anytime
  • JUMP feature: Skip the prelude or interlude of a song
  • Reserve up to 100 songs
  • Full Function Remote Controller
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

USB Download Manager Function:

  • Download Recorded Music to PC
  • Convert images to a background image
  • Play recorded songs
  • Listing Song Data From Magic Microphone

Package Included:

  • 2 Wireless Microphones
  • Main Station
  • Remote Control
  • 2GB SD Card
  • Main Video/Audio Cable
  • Mini-Jack to RCA Video Cable
  • Female-to-Female RCA Cable Adapter
  • Handbook: Instruction Manual and Song Book
  • USB Cable
  • USB Driver Disc
  • Carrying Case
  • 110 AC Adapter
  • 4 AA Batteries
  • 2 AAA Batteries

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