Acesonic UHF-1208XR UHF Diversity 1000-Channel Rechargeable Dual Wireless Microphone System Open BoxAcesonic UHF-1208XR UHF Diversity 1000-Channel Rechargeable Dual Wireless Microphone System Open Box

Acesonic UHF-1208XR UHF Diversity 1000-Channel Rechargeable Dual Wireless Microphone System <font color="ff0000"><b>Open Box</b></font>
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Complies with new FCC frequency rules.

Due to popularity and your demands, Acesonic has released the UHF-1208XR! Acesonic has taken the world's first UHF Diversity 1000-Channel microphone and enhanced it with dual rechargeable microphones all while keeping it rack-mountable with auto-channel-scan and infrared-channel-sync functions.

This UHF-1208XR professional wireless microphone system combines many features that surpasses most of the professional microphones in the market, we even put an 'X' and called it the 'eXtreme Edition' because it pushes the microphone functionalities to the limit and set a new standard for future microphone designs. This microphone is guaranteed to be the best value microphone you can find in the market.

Exclusive Features:
A charger microphone stand is included so you can have the luxury of just placing your mics safely in the stand while eliminating the need to change batteries often.
UHF 1000 Channels: Yes, the UHF-1208XR has 1000 selectable channels in the UHF 668-693MHz range. You can for sure find an unoccupied channel for you to use. With 1000 channels, you can have up 500 sets of dual microphone systems to be used simultaneously without any interference.

Auto-Channel-Scan Function: Finding the cleanest channel among the 1000 available channels is one of the most difficult task for users. The UHF-1208XR has a built-in 'intelligent' circuit that can scan the entire 1000 channels to identify the cleanest possible channel for you to use. The entire scanning process would take about 1 minute. However, you can stop the auto-scan function at anytime to pick out the best channel that it has found during the scanning process.

Infrared-Channel-Sync Function: Setting your microphone to match the same channel as the receiver is a daunting task especially if there are 1000 possible channels to choose from. However, with the 'Infrared-Channel-Sync' function, there is nothing needed to be adjusted on the microphone. In fact, there is no channel setting button on the microphone. Once you have found your desired channel, all you have to do is press the 'Infrared Sync' on the receiver, and it will send the new frequency information to your handheld receiver by infrared. When your microphone recognized the signal, it will change its frequency automatically to match the receiver's new frequency, and you are ready to use! It's that easy.

Diversity Receiver: The UHF-1208XR has built-in diversity receivers which often provide better wireless microphone performance because it utilizes two separate antennas and it has two separate tuners. The "intelligent" circuit in the receiver automatically and constantly selects the better of the two signals. Since one of the antennas will almost certainly be receiving a clean signal at any given moment, the chances of a dropout occurring are reduced.

Rack-mountable and Front-Antenna Design: This wireless receiver can be mounted inside any 19" rack case and the front-antenna design is much more convenient to adjust its angle and it's more extendable than the traditional rear-antenna design system which the antenna is harder to reach and gets weaker reception inside a rack case.

One Button Microphone Operation: The handheld microphone has only one button. It's very simple and easy to operate. When you pressed for 1 second, it will turn the microphone on or off. When you pressed for a quick release, it will put the microphone on MUTE status or it will search for an infrared signal from the receiver for channel-sync.

Module Removable Microphone Head: The UHF-1208XR handheld transmitter comes with a microphone head that's designed for a singer's voice range. However, this component can be easily replaced with an instrument head that's designed specifically to pick up musical instrument's sound frequency without changing the transmitter itself. This convenient design can save you money on buying a new microphone system for your instrumental performance needs.

Dual LCD Status Display: The 2 LCD screens provide informative status on each microphone's status including: Signal Strength, Audio Level, Operation Frequency and Diversity Antenna Selection which gives the user a clear operational status.

Dual Identical Microphone Design: The two handheld microphone transmitters are designed to be identical. Whichever microphone is synchronized with the receiver becomes operational. This identical design allows you to carry only 1 spare microphone for backup if either microphone becomes inoperable.

Dent-Resistant Microphone Grille Design: The dent-resistant and rust-resistant grille is made from hardened steel mesh. This durable screw-on style microphone grille protects the microphone diaphragm from all kinds of abusive or accidental damages.

Check out the video! All features included with the addition of a charger microphone stand.


  • Professional UHF Diversity wireless Microphone system
  • 1000 Switchable channels with auto channel selection function
  • Two high sensitive microphones with noise reduction technology
  • Individual volume control
  • Dual channel information LCD display
  • Front antenna provides clear RF reception
  • Easy IR syncing for quick channel matching
  • Rack mountable (Kit Included)


  • Receiver
    • Carrier Wave Frequency Range: UHF 668-692MHz
    • Oscillation Mode: Phase-locked Loop controlled
    • Carrier Wave Stability: 10PPM
    • Switching Bandwidth: 24MHz
    • Frequency Space: 25KHz
    • Sensitivity: -105dB @ sinad=12dB
    • S/N Ratio: >105dB
    • T.H.D.: <0.5% @ 1KHz
    • Image Rejection: 75dB typical
    • Spurious rejection: 85dB typical
    • Frequency Responses: 40Hz-18KHz
    • Working Distance: 200 feet
    • Squelch Control: dual-squelch circuit
    • AF Output Impedance: 2.2KΩ
    • Max Output Level:
      • Balance: 0-400mv
      • Unbalanced:0-200mv
    • Display: LCD
    • Power Supply: External DC Power Supply, 0.5A, 12~18V DC
    • Output Connector:
      • 2 XLR Balanced Socket
      • Unbalanced TRs 6.35mm Socket
    • Dimensions (m/m): 420(L)x45(H)x200(D)
    • Weights (Kg): 2.5
  • Transmitter (Handheld)
    • Transmitter Power: 30mW
    • Spurious emission: <40dB (with carrier)
    • Display: LCD
    • Battery Voltage: 1.5v x2
  • Transmitter (Body-Pack)
    • Transmitter Power: 30mW
    • Spurious emission: <40dB (with carrier)
    • Display: LCD
    • Battery Voltage: 1.5v x2

Package Includes:

  • UHF-1000 Channel Diversity Receiver
  • Wireless Microphone x 2
  • Antenna x 2
  • Power Adaptor
  • Microphone Cable
  • Battery AA x 4
  • Rack Mount Kit
  • Warranty Card

Acesonic UHF-1208XR (PDF, 3MB) (Right click, save as...)
Click here to download the instruction manual

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