BMB DAS-400 Amplifier and BMB CSD-2000 Speaker with Shure BLX288/PG58 Wireless Mic (Cable and Speaker Stand)BMB DAS-400 Amplifier and BMB CSD-2000 Speaker with Shure BLX288/PG58 Wireless Mic (Cable and Speaker Stand)

BMB DAS-400 Amplifier and BMB CSD-2000 Speaker with Shure BLX288/PG58 Wireless Mic (Cable and Speaker Stand)
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This is a genuine BMB, Best Music Brand, product. BMB is a top manufacturer originating from Japan.

High-Tech and High Quality Karaoke Digital Amplifier with Large LCD Panel

  • This model has a multi-purpose large color LCD panel
  • Six sound levels are available so the user can select a setting based on their environment (room size, etc...)
  • The echo setting has six kinds so the user can select the most suitable echo for the music genre
  • The latest digital amplifier IC made it possible to make the amplifier smaller and lighter whilst still delivering a strong, powerful sound
  • The use of BTL connection enables the amplifier to be used as a high power amplifier (BTL Power: 300W x 2ch)
  • Improved circuitry for the best performance and sound

BMB philosophy and design concept:

  • BMB has more than 35 years of experience in manufacturing Karaoke Amplifiers - BMB is one of the oldest and most reputable karaoke amplifier manufacturing companies in the world. Designed in Japan using the latest DSP technology exclusive to BMB, they can build the most advanced karaoke amplifier that no competitor can come close to. They have accumulated more years of experience in designing the best sound and the most durable amplifier than any other karaoke amplifier manufacturer in the market. Sourcing the highest-grade components made in Japan ensure long lasting and high-endurance power delivery demanded by the users. BMB can guarantee their amplifier will survive in the most stressful environment that no other company can promise you.

  • Future-proof design - BMB DAS amplifiers can be updated with the latest firmware to ensure it has the most advanced functions for the future to come. This design allow users to enjoy the latest karaoke technology to be released in the future from BMB without buying a new amplifier.

  • Highest quality control standard - Product quality is simply the number one priority for manufacturing BMB equipment. All BMB amplifiers must be able to pass a 24 hour x 7 day endurance test at maximum power output to receive a stamp of approval for sale. This rigorous test is to assure that the amplifier can last and function properly in the most stressful environment. No matter how much you use it, BMB guarantee their amplifiers will always be functioning with a predictable performance.

Exclusive Product Features:

  • Real 300-Watt RMS output - The BMB DAS amplifier is designed to sustain a 300-watt output continuously without distortion or damage to the amplifier. Unlike other amplifiers in the market that may become damaged or cause music to sound distorted when reaching maximum output, BMB's amplifier is designed with much greater power and safety margins in mind so outputting at a constant 300 watts can be easily achieved without any problem.

  • Advanced Auto-Selection - When using detection mode, you will have the ability to choose between Audio only, Video only, or Audio & Video among KARAOKE or AUX1 sources

  • Fine Tune Audio & Video Sources - Each AV source has controls to adjust audio input levels allowing fine adjustment so you can find your desired sound levels. KARAOKE & AUX1 sources include a sensitivity switch allowing low, mid, & high sensativity selections

  • Color 4.3" LCD Display - the screen allows users to clearly see and adjust all settings of the amplifier. Simple navigation menu makes changing any setting easy and quick. The next generation user interface allows users to get their system configured easier than ever before.

  • Maximum Music Volume, Microphone Volume and Echo Level Limiter - this function adds a level of safety and limits the maximum output for music, microphone and echo volume. You can keep your speaker from being abused or avoid disturbing your neighbor if you don't want users to turn the music volume to full power! This function is also very useful if your speaker can not handle the full power output from the amplifier.

  • Initial Music Volume, Microphone Volume and Echo Level Setting - the pre-defined power-on setting allows the BMB DAS amplifier to reset at a default setting every time when turned-on without the equipment operators making adjustments for commercial establishments.

  • 6 Pre-Defined Music EQ and Microphone Echo Settings - Allow users to quickly adjust to the most suitable setting with a touch of button. Users can also save their favorite setting into one of the memory positions.

  • Key Controller: Adjust the key 6 steps up or 6 steps down to better match the music to the singer's voice

  • 10-Way Equalizer for Both Music and Microphone -  Users can fine tune their music using the 10-way graphic equalizer. At the same time, a separate microphone equalizer can let users fine tune their microphone as well

  • Built-In Auto Shut-Off Circuit - The BMB DAS amplifier has an internal monitoring circuit that is constantly checking all conditions of the amplifier. Whenever the circuit detects an unusual input, surge of power or excessive temperature, the auto shut-off circuit will immediately shutdown the amplifier to make sure neither your amplifier nor your speaker could get damaged

  • DAS-400 Offers 4-Way Sound Position Adjustment - You can adjust music balance between front to back, and left to right. This powerful function allows users to compensate for any irregular sized room or speakers to make sure the music comes out perfectly tuned.

  • Speaker System Switch - allows users to select whether to drive only the front or rear speakers separately at 300W or 150W. Only available on the DAS-400.

  • Talk-Over Mode - Users can disable a 3rd microphone's echo function while the first two microphones can still be used for singing. This way, the 3rd microphone can be used for speeches, announcements or event hosting without echo and other effects.

  • Built-in RS-232 Port - Allow users to connect the DAS amplifier to a central system or a computer to control all functions.

  • Fixed or Auto Input Selector - This useful function allows the BMB DAS amplifier to switch to a background video and audio source when no songs are being played from one of the three input sources. Or you can connect up to three karaoke players and the amplifier will automatically switch to an active player based on its input priority and video or audio signal detection.


  • Max Output Power
    • 300W 2CH (8Ω, EIAJ) : 2 speakers system
    • 150W 4CH (8Ω, EIAJ) : 4 speakers system
  • Main Pitch Degree: 13degrees ±3.0DSP
    Audio Input: 3 systems
    • AUX1
    • AUX2
  • Video Input: 3 systems
    • AUX1
    • AUX2
  • Mic Input: 5 systems
    • 3 Front
    • 2 Rear
  • Echo: Preset 6 Echoes
  • Sound Effect: Preset 6 Sound Effects
  • Equalizer: 10 bands (Music, Mic)
  • LCD Display: 480272 dots TFT Color LCD
  • Power Supply: AC110V ~ 120V (50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 16.5" (W) 5.32" (H) 13.2" (D), 420mm x 135mm x 335mm
  • Weight: 27.6 lbs, 12.5kg

    Download Instruction Manual

    Download Guide to Tune/Setup: English | Chinese

    This is a genuine BMB, Best Music Brand, product. BMB is a top manufacturer originating from Japan.

    1. This speaker can be used both for Karaoke and dance music.

    2. This speaker reproduces the ductility of sound in Karaoke and the powerful rhythm of dance music. The realization of these two seemingly completely reversed sounds resulted from several newly-developed technologies.

    BMB CSD Series

    • Available in High Powered 10" and 12" Karaoke speakers
    • Bigger sound and can handle more volume and power than the BMB CSX series
    • Equipped with new high volume woofers backed by a sturdy cabinet for sound stability
    • 3-way/5 speakers with tweeters/squawkers set on both sides
    • Sound directions are set individually for the tweeters/squawkers
      • Tweeters/squawkers use highly reliable paper cones made in Japan to get high quality sound

      Why choose BMB?

      There are many features and fine details in every speaker that make BMB the best karaoke speaker.

      • Double layer wood housing to handle powerful sound output
      • Speaker cabinet built with interlocking panels to strengthen the assembly as a whole when mounting
      • Durable mounting options utilizing a special fastener provide safety to the speakers and users
      • Strongly built speaker frame to join speaker cone and magnet together
      • Large and strong magnet behind the speaker cone contribute to the high quality sound output
      • High power, long diameter voice coil built with thick gauge wire
      • Reliable paper cone made in Japan
      • Green partner and ROHS Compliant to protect the environment

      BMB Karaoke Speaker vs Listening Speaker

      There are many distinctions as to why you should use a BMB karaoke speaker instead of regular speakers.

      BMB Karaoke Speakers:

      • Vocals Can be mixed to music smoothly and can handle live audio from microphones better
      • Very wide listening position anywhere in the room
      • Emphasis on low-bass sound to show music rhythm to singers clearly
      • Anti-Howling measure for microphone
      • Play recorded sound sources such as CD and DVD perfectly

      Listening/Regular Speakers:

      • Best listening position is the center of speakers (not wide)
      • Emphasis on high frequency sounds
      • Play recorded sound sources such as CD and DVD perfectly

      Features & Specifications:

      • Type: Bass Reflex Type
      • System: 3 Ways 5 Speakers
      • Woofer Unit: 30cm Paper Cone Type *1unit
      • Squawker Unit: 8cm Paper Cone Type *2unit
      • Tweeter Unit: 8cm Paper Cone Type *2unit
      • Max Input Power (Pair): 1200W
      • Rating Input Power (Pair): 500W
      • Dimensions (Each): 22.36"(L) * 13.78"(W) * 13.23"(H)
      • Weight (Each): 41 lbs
      • Impedance: 8 Ω

      Download Instruction Manual

      BMB Trade In Program

      Shure BLX Wireless Systems combine professional-quality sound with simple setup and an intuitive interface for legendary audio performance right out of the box. Precision-built and available in a variety of configurations, its the most accessible way to own the stage.

      BLX88 Dual Channel Receiver

      The durable BLX88 offers simple setup, intuitive controls, and microprocessor-controlled internal antenna diversity.  One-touch QuickScan frequency selection quickly locates the best open frequency in case of interference. For use with BLX Wireless Systems.

      Note: When purchasing separate wireless components, please match their frequency bands to ensure proper system operation.


      • XLR and ¼" output connectors
      • Microprocessor-controlled internal antenna diversity
      • Two-color audio status indicator LED
        • Green:  Normal audio levels
        • Red:  Excessive audio levels (overload / clipping)


      • Compatible Systems per Band: Up to 12 (Region Dependent)

      BLX2 Handheld Transmitter

      Compatible with Shure microphones trusted by musicians for decades, including the legendary SM58, the BLX2 transmits wireless audio with professional clarity and reliability. For use with BLX Wireless Systems.

      Note: When purchasing separate wireless components, please match their frequency bands to ensure proper system operation.


      • Integrated microphone capsule design, featuring PG58, SM58, or Beta 58A options
      • Lightweight, rugged construction
      • Color ID caps (available separately)


      • Battery Life: Up to 14 hours

      PG58 Vocal Microphones

      A rugged microphone tuned to accentuate the clarity of lead and back-up vocals.


      • Tailored frequency response is smooth and extended. Tuned specifically for vocal applications.
      • Cardioid polar pattern picks up the most sound from in front of the microphone and some sound from the sides. Less susceptible to feedback in high volume settings.
      • Dynamic cartridge has a simple, rugged coil. Handles extreme volume levels without distortion.
      • Cartridge includes a neodymium magnet for high output level.
      • Internal shock mount for reduced handling noise.
      • Durable metal construction.
      • On/off switch for onstage control.
      • Hardened steel mesh ball grille that resists wear and abuse.
      • Integral "pop" filter reduces explosive breath sounds and wind noise.


      • Frequency Response: 60 to 15,000 Hz
      • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
      • Type: Dynamic (moving coil)
      • Output Impedance: EIA rated at 150 ohms (300 ohms actual)
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