BMB with Chinese KOD-6800 (8TB) Package 2BMB with Chinese KOD-6800 (8TB) Package 2

BMB with Chinese KOD-6800 (8TB) Package 2
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p>Package Includes:

- 8TB 硬碟, 總數高達96,000 首歌曲

  • 國語歌曲 63,000首
  • 台語歌曲 8,000首
  • 粵語歌曲 7,000 首
  • 其他歌曲18,000 首

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KOD6800收集大量原人原唱中國,香港,台灣的經典流行歌曲,是我們最新的卡拉OK高清4K點歌機.配備了內置Amlogic S905X 2GHz, ARM cortex-A53 Quad-Core 64-Bit 處理器-擁有強大處理速度,確保播放音樂穩定和畫面順暢.輕巧高貴的外殼,使用高品質輕身全金屬打造,可容納雙硬碟(最高24TB容量),多種語言選擇適合家庭和中小型商業埸所使用,KOD6800是一台集合科技和美感一身的全功能卡拉Ok播放機


  • 語言: 簡體中文/繁體中文/英文
  • 使用高級全金屬打造
  • 強大處理器,確保播放音樂穩定和畫面順暢
  • 支持最高至24TB超大硬碟容量
  • 內置混音信號處理器
  • 手機/平板無線連接
  • 4K高清播放功能
  • 個人喜愛歌曲收藏
  • HDMI 輸出(含音樂,影像,MIC人聲)
  • 高速雲端下載不同歌曲
  • 支持歌手,歌名,歌類和歌號點歌功能
  • 直接播放USB歌曲


*Please note all Hard Drive based machines are customized and cannot be returned or refunded once the machine has shipped.

Disclaimer: A database of your songs in excel format and knowledge of performing batch file renaming is required before being able to add your own songs.


Acesonic AM-2350 Mixing Amplifier is one of the most compact and powerful mixing amplifiers on the market designed for the professionals. The 12-lbs, 1400-watts digital amplifier loaded with the most sought-after features for the serious users including support for 4K HDMI signals and powerful PC interface for you to turn this unit into the central of your multimedia entertainment console.

This 2.1 channels amplifier is designed not only for music and movie playback, it also combined all of the advanced features for karaoke, making this one of the best choices for the professional singers. The AM-2350 mixing amplifier has built-in two UHF wireless microphones that give you the freedom of singing without the need of connect to additional devices. The advanced reverb, echo and digital key-controllers combined with the 7-bands microphone and music equalizer can fine tune your performance to the optimal setting. The built-in feedback eliminator will help suppress audio feedback. All of the effect setting can be fine-tuned using your PC to make your singing more fun and enjoyable.

This versatile AM-2350 mixing amplifier will be the center of your entertainment hub with its multiple audio input connectors. Three 4K HDMI input allows you to accept signal from any hi-fi HDMI sources including TV-boxes, Blue-ray players or game consoles. An optical input for you to listen to music in its uncompressed PCM stereo format, a front mini-jack input give you the convenient of connect to any portable devices and a Bluetooth receiver can accept signal from your phone or tablet. Two 1/4″ Jack for you to connect to additional microphones or audio sources. Finally, the two RCA inputs can accept music from almost any audio devices. All of the audio signals can be feed to the 1400-Watts AM-2350 mixing amplifier, make it the ultimate choice for your sound system component.


• 2.8” LED Status Display
• Built-in Dual UHF Microphones Receiver and Included 2 Multi-Channels Wireless Microphones
• Built-in Echo and Reverb Effectors
• Built-in ±5 Digital Key Controller
• Built-in Feedback Eliminator
• Built-in 7 Bands Microphone Equalizer
• Built-in 7 Bands Music Equalizer
• Built-in 3 Bands Effort Equalizer and Subwoofer Equalizer
• Built-in Music, Microphone and Effect Volume Initial Turn-On Setting
• Built-in Music, Microphone and Effect Volume Maximum Limit Setting
• Built-in 8 Customized Profile Memory Settings
• Windows PC Controller Software via USB 2.0 port


• Output Power: 350 Watts RMS x 2 @ 8Ω, Total 700 Watts RMS Output, 1400 Watts Max Output @ 8Ω
• Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz (±0.5dB)
• Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.04%
• Signal to Noise Ratio >98dB
• Dimensions (H x W x D): 2.75" x 17" x 10.63" (70 mm x 430 mm x 270 mm)
• Unit Weight: 11.7 lbs / 5.3 kg
• Remote Controller Included

Download "Acesonic Am-2350 PC Controller" Below:
Acesonic Am-2350 PC Controller Chinese Version for Windows
Acesonic Am-2350 PC Controller English Version for Windows

Acesonic Am-2350 PC Controller - Detail of the Control Panel

BMB CSD Series

  • Available in High Powered 10" and 12" Karaoke speakers
  • Bigger sound and can handle more volume and power than the BMB CSX series
  • Equipped with new high volume woofers backed by a sturdy cabinet for sound stability
  • 3-way/5 speakers with tweeters/squawkers set on both sides
  • Sound directions are set individually for the tweeters/squawkers
    • Tweeters/squawkers use highly reliable paper cones made in Japan to get high quality sound

    Why choose BMB?

    There are many features and fine details in every speaker that make BMB the best karaoke speaker.

    • Double layer wood housing to handle powerful sound output
    • Speaker cabinet built with interlocking panels to strengthen the assembly as a whole when mounting
    • Durable mounting options utilizing a special fastener provide safety to the speakers and users
    • Strongly built speaker frame to join speaker cone and magnet together
    • Large and strong magnet behind the speaker cone contribute to the high quality sound output
    • High power, long diameter voice coil built with thick gauge wire
    • Reliable paper cone made in Japan
    • Green partner and ROHS Compliant to protect the environment

    BMB Karaoke Speaker vs Listening Speaker

    There are many distinctions as to why you should use a BMB karaoke speaker instead of regular speakers.

    BMB Karaoke Speakers:

    • Vocals Can be mixed to music smoothly and can handle live audio from microphones better
    • Very wide listening position anywhere in the room
    • Emphasis on low-bass sound to show music rhythm to singers clearly
    • Anti-Howling measure for microphone
    • Play recorded sound sources such as CD and DVD perfectly

    Listening/Regular Speakers:

    • Best listening position is the center of speakers (not wide)
    • Emphasis on high frequency sounds
    • Play recorded sound sources such as CD and DVD perfectly

    Features & Specifications:

    • Type: Bass Reflex Type
    • System: 3 Ways 5 Speakers
    • Woofer Unit: 30cm Paper Cone Type *1unit
    • Squawker Unit: 8cm Paper Cone Type *2unit
    • Tweeter Unit: 8cm Paper Cone Type *2unit
    • Max Input Power (Pair): 1200W
    • Rating Input Power (Pair): 500W
    • Dimensions (Each): 22.36"(L) * 13.78"(W) * 13.23"(H)
    • Weight (Each): 41 lbs
    • Impedance: 8 Ω

    Download Instruction Manual

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