Hisonic MA-3800K 760W Mixing Amplifier, BMB CSN-510 10" Speakers, Acesonic UHF-5200PRO Dual Wireless Microphone System, and Microphone Windscreen PackageHisonic MA-3800K 760W Mixing Amplifier, BMB CSN-510 10" Speakers, Acesonic UHF-5200PRO Dual Wireless Microphone System, and Microphone Windscreen Package

Hisonic MA-3800K 760W Mixing Amplifier, BMB CSN-510 10" Speakers, Acesonic UHF-5200PRO Dual Wireless Microphone System, and Microphone Windscreen Package
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Hisonic's MA3800K is known for its quality and durability. This professional mixing amplifier was built to sustain continuous usage at maximum wattage output.  It is a perfect companion for DJs and KJs who are seeking for a reliable component that will carry them throughout the long night without the nightmare of equipment failure.

This system works as a Karaoke Amplifier, the 3 microphone inputs can be adjusted individually, you can have the key control for tone change. The main output power can be remotely controlled, the music volume is controlled by remote too. I like it very much for its 3 individual inputs from 3 sources, both can be connected from audio and video, so you can switch between 3 equipments to out their video and audio by one remote, the best part is that you just need one input jack on TV for Video, it is an expansion for input from DVD, PS3 or Music System. Plus, there is a mixed output ( Music and Vocal), from this one, you can connect it with a TV input, so that no matter what source you select, you can hear it from the TV speaker.


  • Audio Output: 380W+380W Output @ 8 Ohm
  • Microphone input sensitivity: 0<15mV
  • Frequency Band: 25Hz to 20kHz
  • Dimension: 420mm(W) x 129mm(H) x 330mm(D)
  • Key Control with remote controller
  • Three  Channels of audio select
  • Three Channels of Video select
  • Electricity consumption: 650W
  • Ultra Quiet Cooling Fan
  • Designed in Germany
  • Weight: 45 lbs

  • The BMB CSN Series is the top choice for entry level karaoke speakers. It provides the best mixing of music and microphone sound to give you one of the best experiences. Like all BMB speakers , this unit has been made with high quality components from the highly reliable paper cone which is made in Japan, to the 3D curved grill, and structurally rigid cabinet design. Even if you currently have an amplifier and speaker system, simply switching speakers will change your listening experience entirely. Music and vocals will be heard with much clarity. The new CSN-510 is a 450W speaker with a newly designed bass reflex port shape which helps produce very nice bass and has a curvaceous 3D formed designed grill to protect the front speakers.

    Features & Specifications:

    • System: 2-Way, 3 Speakers
    • Woofer Unit: 8" / 20cm Paper Cone Type x 1 unit
    • Tweeter Unit: 3" / 8cm Paper Cone Type x 2 unit
    • Provision for mount on top & bottom of speaker cabinet
    • Max Input Power (Pair): 450W
    • Rating Input Power (Pair): 225W
    • Dimensions (Each):
      • 20.04" x 11.46" x 11.65"
      • 509 x 291 x 296 mm
    • Weight (Each):
      • 24.2 lbs
      • 11 kg
    • Impedance: 8Ω

    The Acesonic UHF-5200 Pro is a True Diversity, 900MHz -100 Channels UHF Wireless Microphone System. This system operates in the 900Mhz range which goes even further up the UHF spectrum to interference. Most common systems operate in the crowded 600 and 800MHz range so the UHF-5200 Pro effectively avoids interference and sfrequency traffic jams with other systems. Excellent sound quality is provided by commercial grade UHF true diversity where 2 radio modules per antenna are continuously compared to select the strongest signal which delivers exceptionally stable radio signal. If you run into some interference, just select another channel from the many available. The microphones will auto-sync with the receiver via infrared. These two features combine to provide you with a very robust system. The microphones themselves are designed to pick up your voice very well so you always sound like yourself and don't have to worry about sound degradation. After many uses, most microphones do get dropped a few times which is why these are built a lot more rugged than others. Acesonic has developed this system to perform very well with emphasis on sound and build quality.

    There are 8 different sound effects to choose from to help enhance your sound. Make your choice depending on your music type like Pop, Rock, Classic, Jazz, Dance, or R&B. Other effects can match your sound preferences such as Boost or Treble. Standard settings are available for those who want no effects or prefer to use their own EQ.


    • Commercial grade UHF true diversity system
    • 8 Adjustable Sound Effects: Pop, Rock, Classic, Jazz, Dance, R&B, Boost, Treble3
    • CPU Control: A Micro Computer handles all the various functions such as frequency selection, display, sound settings and analyzing signals
    • Digital Frequency Synthesis Technology: Higher frequency stability
    • Digital Transmitting/Receiving Encryption
    • Single or Multi System Setup
    • Operates in 900-960MHz with 100 Channels - Avoiding crowded 600 & 800MHz bands & 160-260MHz VHF bands
    • Easy-to-Use infrared syncing feature and channel switching function
    • Two highly sensitive and durable microphones with LCD indicators
    • Rack-mountable

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