BMB Premium Package 600W Amplifier with Vocal Speakers & Subwoofer$150 OFF  BMB Premium Package 600W Amplifier with Vocal Speakers & Subwoofer

BMB Premium Package 600W Amplifier with Vocal Speakers & Subwoofer
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This premium BMB packaged system includes all the components to enjoy the premium BMB experience at home. Utilizing the more advanced DAS-400 Mixing Amplifier, this system will deliver more power while providing advanced control over your audio. Normally sold separately for commercial users, the remote control for this amplifier is included in this package for home users. The CSH-W200 subwoofer and stand adds a layer of bass to your overall sound further enhancing your listening experience.

The BMB DAS-400 4-Channel Karaoke Mixing Amplifier will bring you these exclusive features plus more:

  • Real 300-Watt RMS output - The BMB DAS amplifier is designed to sustain a 300-watt output continuously without distortion or damage to the amplifier. Unlike other amplifiers in the market that may become damaged or cause music to sound distorted when reaching maximum output, BMB's amplifier is designed with much greater power and safety margins in mind so outputting at a constant 300 watts can be easily achieved without any problem.

  • Advanced Auto-Selection - When using detection mode, you will have the ability to choose between Audio only, Video only, or Audio & Video among KARAOKE or AUX1 sources

  • Fine Tune Audio & Video Sources - Each AV source has controls to adjust audio input levels allowing fine adjustment so you can find your desired sound levels. KARAOKE & AUX1 sources include a sensitivity switch allowing low, mid, & high sensativity selections

  • Color 4.3" LCD Display - the screen allows users to clearly see and adjust all settings of the amplifier. Simple navigation menu makes changing any setting easy and quick. The next generation user interface allows users to get their system configured easier than ever before.
  • The BMB CSH-200 Vocal Karaoke Speakers consists of a 3-Way, 3-Speaker system in each speaker cabinet. This speaker system will deliver your bass using two 8" woofers, your mids using two 3" squawkers, and your high frequencies will be handled with two 3" tweeters. The speaker cones themselves utilize BMB's special paper cones that are made in Japan. These cones, with their special materials and construction, are what ultimately deliver BMB's premium sound when paired with the BMB DAH-100 karaoke amplifier.

    The BMB CSH-W200 Subwoofer is built to bring excellent bass to your sound system when paired with the DAH-100 karaoke amplifier & CSH-200 speaker system. The DAH-100 amplifier has a subwoofer output which sends a tuned signal to this subwoofer to delivered premium bass which compliments the CSH-200 speakers perfectly. Having bass will significantly enhance your listening and performing experience.

    Package Includes:

    DAS-400 600W 4-Channel Karaoke Mixing Amplifier Specifications:

    • Max Output Power
      • 300W 2CH (8Ω, EIAJ) : 2 speakers system
      • 150W 4CH (8Ω, EIAJ) : 4 speakers system
    • Main Pitch Degree: 13degrees 3.0DSP
      Audio Input: 3 systems
      • KARAOKE
      • AUX1
      • AUX2
    • Video Input: 3 systems
      • KARAOKE
      • AUX1
      • AUX2
    • Mic Input: 5 systems
      • 3 Front
      • 2 Rear
    • Echo: Preset 6 Echoes
    • Sound Effect: Preset 6 Sound Effects
    • Equalizer: 10 bands (Music, Mic)
    • LCD Display: 480272 dots TFT Color LCD
    • Power Supply: AC110V ~ 120V (50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 16.5" (W) 5.32" (H) 13.2" (D), 420mm x 135mm x 335mm
  • Weight: 27.6 lbs, 12.5kg

  • CSH-200 300W 8" Vocal Karaoke Speakers Specifications:

    Intoducing the brand new Home series from BMB (Best Music Brand), the CSH-200 is specially design for modern home use. The sleek, elegant and contemporary design of CSH-200 can easily blend with any modern or classic living room and bedroom. The CSH-200 is a pair of compact bookshelf speaker that fit in any space. For users who want to fill a larger room or enjoy more detailed bass, the optional CSH-W200 subwoofer can be added to CSH-200 to create a full range floor standing speaker. Beside looking stylish, every BMB home series speakers carry BMB heritage- crystal clear vocal voice, with powerful punching bass. It is a perfect speaker for karaoke and music lover.

    • System: 3-Way, 3-Speaker
    • Woofer: 8" (20cm) Paper Cone Type x 1
    • Squawker: 3" (8cm) Paper Cone Type x 1
    • Tweeter: 3" (8cm) Paper Cone Type x 1
    • Max Input Power: 300W
    • Rating Input Power: 150W
    • Impedence: 8Ω
    • Dimensions: 10.63" x 18.31" x 10.43", 270mm x 465mm x 265mm
    • Weight: 16.1lbs, 7.3kg per piece

    CSH-W200 8" Subwoofer with Stand Specifications:

    • 1-Way, 1-Speaker (Woofer Only)
    • Woofer: 8" (20cm) Paper Cone with Dual Voice Coil
    • Max Input Power: 300W + 300W
    • Rating Input Power: 150W + 150W
    • Dimensions: 11.42" x 20.75" x 10", 290mm x 527mm x 254mm
    • Weight: 18.3lbs, 8.3kg (Stand with Subwoofer) / 15.2lbs, 6.9kg (Stand)

    NKN-300 Wired Microphone Specifications:

    Type Unidirectional dynamics
    Frequency Range 50Hz-16,000Hz
    Sensitivity -74dB 3dB 0dB = 1v/0.1Pa at 1kHz
    Sound Pressure Level Above 130dB SPL
    Output Connector Integral 3pin XLRM type
    Outward Packing Sealed nickel coated packing
    Dimensions(mm) 2.25" 6.7" 0.95"
    Weight 0.9 lbs
    Impedance 600 ohms at (1kHz)

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