Seagate Central 4TB StorageSeagate Central 4TB Storage for Acesonic KOD-2000, KOD-3000 & KOD-2800

Seagate Central 4TB Storage
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This Seagate Central 4TB HDD Storage system is configured to be used with the Acesonic KOD-3000 Dual Hard Drive Network Blu-ray Disc Jukebox or Acesonic KOD-2000 Single Hard Drive Multimedia Karaoke Player allowing you to:

  1. Attach it directly to the KOD-3000 or KOD-2000 to instantly add 4TBs of storage space
  2. Hook this up to your network and allow your KOD-3000 to access it!
    • Instantly add 4TB of storage space to your KOD or
    • Stream your songs through your home or office network from the Seagate Central to multiple KOD-3000 Jukeboxes effectively creating a simple client/server environment.

Complete Overview

Organize and access your digital life.

Connect Seagate® Central to your Wi-Fi router to organize and back up all your content on one device that you can access from anywhere.

  • Automatically back up multiple PC and Mac® computers
  • Wirelessly stream your centralized media library to gaming consoles, media players and smart TVs
  • Access content on-the-go with a Web browser or the free app for tablets and smartphones
  • Enjoy a unique Samsung® Smart TV app featuring enhanced media navigation

Get it together.

You can't enjoy what you can't find. But when you load your photos, movies, music and documents onto Central, all your files will be organized in one spot where they're easy to access.

Relax knowing that all your computers are backed up.

With Central it's simple to automatically back up multiple PC and Mac® computers. It comes with premium backup software for PCs and works seamlessly with Time Machine® backup software for Mac.

Enjoy a centralized media library.

Once you set up Central, you can wirelessly stream your movies, music and photos to any DLNA-certified device on your home network such as media players, game consoles and smart TVs.

Flexible, free app for tablets and smartphones.

Whether you're at home or on the road, the free Seagate Media app for iOS and Android® makes it easy to browse and enjoy your content with a mobile device.

  • Upload and back up photos and video from tablets and smartphones anywhere you have a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection


Enhanced media experience for Samsung® smart TVs.

With Samsung Smart TVs and Blu-ray players, you can enjoy a unique Seagate® Central app featuring visually rich media icons and easy navigation.

Save your social life.

Now there's no need to risk losing any of your online pictures and videos. Central makes it simple for multiple users to back up and archive their Facebook accounts.

On-the-go access with Web browsers.

Easily access and upload content using virtually any computer or mobile device and a Web browser.

  • Securely share large files with family and friends via private email invitation
  • Upload and download content anywhere you have an Internet or 3G/4G connection

Plays well with AirPlay®.

The Seagate Media app is Apple® AirPlay friendly, offering iOS users maximum flexibility for enjoying their media.

  • Mirror the movie streaming to your iPad® on the big screen via Apple TV®
  • Use your iPhone® to play songs from Central on AirPlay-enabled speakers
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