Chartbuster Karaoke CDG CB5030 The Greatest Songs of Classic Country Vol. 2Chartbuster Karaoke CDG CB5030 The Greatest Songs of Classic Country Vol. 2

Chartbuster Karaoke CDG CB5030 The Greatest Songs of Classic Country Vol. 2
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No CDG No 50 3
Preview Song Title Song Made Popular by Track # Disc #
Snow, Hank - I'm Moving On (Karaoke Music)I'm Moving On Snow, Hank 1 1
Frizzell, Lefty - Always Late (With Your Kisses) (Karaoke Music)Always Late (With Your Kisses) Frizzell, Lefty 2 1
Williams, Tex - Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! That Cigarette (Karaoke Music)Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! That Cigarette Williams, Tex 3 1
Morgan, George - Candy Kisses (Karaoke Music)Candy Kisses Morgan, George 4 1
Williams, Hank - Move It On Over (Karaoke Music)Move It On Over Williams, Hank 5 1
Arnold, Eddy - Bouquet Of Roses (Karaoke Music)Bouquet Of Roses Arnold, Eddy 6 1
King, Pee Wee - Slow Poke (Karaoke Music)Slow Poke King, Pee Wee 7 1
Williams, Hank - I Can't Help It If I Still In Love With You (Karaoke Music)I Can't Help It If I Still In Love With You Williams, Hank 8 1
Wills, Bob - San Antonio Rose (Karaoke Music)San Antonio Rose Wills, Bob 9 1
Tubb, Ernest - It's Been So Long Darling (Karaoke Music)It's Been So Long Darling Tubb, Ernest 10 1
Al Dexter & His Troopers - Pistol Packin' Mama (Karaoke Music)Pistol Packin' Mama Al Dexter & His Troopers 11 1
Pierce, Webb - Back Street Affair (Karaoke Music)Back Street Affair Pierce, Webb 12 1
Williams, Hank - Why Don't You Love Me (Karaoke Music)Why Don't You Love Me Williams, Hank 13 1
Wakely, Jimmy - One Has My Name, The Other Has My Heart (Karaoke Music)One Has My Name, The Other Has My Heart Wakely, Jimmy 14 1
Williams, Hank - Honky Tonk Blues (Karaoke Music)Honky Tonk Blues Williams, Hank 15 1
Pierce, Webb - In The Jailhouse Now (Karaoke Music)In The Jailhouse Now Pierce, Webb 16 1
Husky, Ferlin - Gone (Karaoke Music)Gone Husky, Ferlin 17 1
Preview Song Title Song Made Popular by Track # Disc #
Robbins, Marty - Singing The Blues (Karaoke Music)Singing The Blues Robbins, Marty 1 2
Pierce, Webb - There Stands The Glass (Karaoke Music)There Stands The Glass Pierce, Webb 2 2
Van Dyke, Leroy - Auctioneer (Karaoke Music)Auctioneer Van Dyke, Leroy 3 2
Price, Ray - Crazy Arms (Karaoke Music)Crazy Arms Price, Ray 4 2
Hill, Goldie - I Let The Stars Get In My Eyes (Karaoke Music)I Let The Stars Get In My Eyes Hill, Goldie 5 2
Pierce, Webb - I Don't Care (Karaoke Music)I Don't Care Pierce, Webb 6 2
Young, Faron - Alone With You (Karaoke Music)Alone With You Young, Faron 7 2
Reeves, Jim - Am I Losing You (Karaoke Music)Am I Losing You Reeves, Jim 8 2
Browns, The - Looking Back To See (Karaoke Music)Looking Back To See Browns, The 9 2
Pierce, Webb - Slowly (Karaoke Music)Slowly Pierce, Webb 10 2
Gibson, Don - Oh, Lonesome Me (Karaoke Music)Oh, Lonesome Me Gibson, Don 11 2
Price, Ray - City Lights (Karaoke Music)City Lights Price, Ray 12 2
Cash, Johnny - I Walk The Line (Karaoke Music)I Walk The Line Cash, Johnny 13 2
Pierce, Webb - Wondering (Karaoke Music)Wondering Pierce, Webb 14 2
Shepard, Jean - Satisfied Mind, A (Karaoke Music)Satisfied Mind, A Shepard, Jean 15 2
Reeves, Jim - He'll Have To Go (Karaoke Music)He'll Have To Go Reeves, Jim 16 2
King, Claude - Wolverton Mountain (Karaoke Music)Wolverton Mountain King, Claude 17 2
Preview Song Title Song Made Popular by Track # Disc #
Grandpa Jones - Mountain Dew (Karaoke Music)Mountain Dew Grandpa Jones 1 3
Jackson, Wanda - Right Or Wrong (Karaoke Music)Right Or Wrong Jackson, Wanda 2 3
Van Dyke, Leroy - Walk On By (Karaoke Music)Walk On By Van Dyke, Leroy 3 3
Robbins, Marty - Don't Worry (Karaoke Music)Don't Worry Robbins, Marty 4 3
Shepard, Jean - Second Fiddle (To An Old Guitar) (Karaoke Music)Second Fiddle (To An Old Guitar) Shepard, Jean 5 3
Price, Ray - Heartaches By The Number (Karaoke Music)Heartaches By The Number Price, Ray 6 3
Jackson, Stonewall - Waterloo (Karaoke Music)Waterloo Jackson, Stonewall 7 3
Cline, Patsy - She's Got You (Karaoke Music)She's Got You Cline, Patsy 8 3
Robbins, Marty - Devil Woman (Karaoke Music)Devil Woman Robbins, Marty 9 3
Dean, Jimmy - Big Bad John (Karaoke Music)Big Bad John Dean, Jimmy 10 3
Jackson, Wanda - Window Up Above, The (Karaoke Music)Window Up Above, The Jackson, Wanda 11 3
Cowboy Copas - Alabam (Karaoke Music)Alabam Cowboy Copas 12 3
Husky, Ferlin - Wings Of A Dove (Karaoke Music)Wings Of A Dove Husky, Ferlin 13 3
Cline, Patsy - Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Karaoke Music)Blue Moon Of Kentucky Cline, Patsy 14 3
Wells, Kitty & Red Foley - One By One (Karaoke Music)One By One Wells, Kitty & Red Foley 15 3
Snow, Hank - I've Been Everywhere (Karaoke Music)I've Been Everywhere Snow, Hank 16 3

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