Chartbuster Karaoke CDG 3 Disc Box Set 5042R - 2004 Female Country HitsChartbuster Karaoke CDG 3 Disc Box Set 5042R - 2004 Female Country Hits

Chartbuster Karaoke CDG 3 Disc Box Set 5042R - 2004 Female Country Hits
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No CDG No 49 3
Preview Song Title Song Made Popular by Track # Disc #
Wilson, Gretchen - Redneck Woman (Karaoke Music)Redneck Woman Wilson, Gretchen 1 1
Evans, Sara - Suds In The Bucket (Karaoke Music)Suds In The Bucket Evans, Sara 2 1
McEntire, Reba - Somebody (Karaoke Music)Somebody McEntire, Reba 3 1
Vincent, Rhonda - If Heartaches Had Wings (Karaoke Music)If Heartaches Had Wings Vincent, Rhonda 4 1
Dalley, Amy - Men Don't Change (Karaoke Music)Men Don't Change Dalley, Amy 5 1
Roberts, Julie - Break Down Here (Karaoke Music)Break Down Here Roberts, Julie 6 1
Clark, Terri - Girls Lie Too (Karaoke Music)Girls Lie Too Clark, Terri 7 1
Brad Paisley & Alison Krauss - Whiskey Lullaby (Karaoke Music)Whiskey Lullaby Brad Paisley & Alison Krauss 8 1
Proctor, Rachel - Me And Emily (Karaoke Music)Me And Emily Proctor, Rachel 9 1
Trick Pony - Bride, The (Karaoke Music)Bride, The Trick Pony 10 1
King, Jill - 98.6 Degrees & Falling (Karaoke Music)98.6 Degrees & Falling King, Jill 11 1
Shania Twain - Don't (Karaoke Music)Don't Shania Twain 12 1
Cochran, Anita - I Wanna Hear) A Cheatin' Song (Karaoke Music)I Wanna Hear) A Cheatin' Song Cochran, Anita 13 1
Womack, Lee Ann - Wrong Girl, The (Karaoke Music)Wrong Girl, The Womack, Lee Ann 14 1
Parton, Dolly - Welcome Home (Karaoke Music)Welcome Home Parton, Dolly 15 1
Austin, Sherrie - Drivin' Into The Sun (Karaoke Music)Drivin' Into The Sun Austin, Sherrie 16 1
Jenkins, The - Blame It On Mama (Karaoke Music)Blame It On Mama Jenkins, The 17 1
Preview Song Title Song Made Popular by Track # Disc #
Rimes, LeAnn - Nothin' 'bout Love Makes Sense (Karaoke Music)Nothin' 'bout Love Makes Sense Rimes, LeAnn 1 2
Loveless, Patty - I Wanna Believe (Karaoke Music)I Wanna Believe Loveless, Patty 2 2
Jenkins, The - Getaway Car (Karaoke Music)Getaway Car Jenkins, The 3 2
Clark, Terri - One Of The Guys (Karaoke Music)One Of The Guys Clark, Terri 4 2
McEntire, Reba - He Gets That From Me (Karaoke Music)He Gets That From Me McEntire, Reba 5 2
Wright, Chely - Back Of The Bottom Drawer (Karaoke Music)Back Of The Bottom Drawer Wright, Chely 6 2
Alexander, Jessi - Honeysuckle Sweet (Karaoke Music)Honeysuckle Sweet Alexander, Jessi 7 2
Shania Twain & Bily Currington - Party For Two (Karaoke Music)Party For Two Shania Twain & Bily Currington 8 2
Sutherland, Christy - Freedom (Karaoke Music)Freedom Sutherland, Christy 9 2
Johnson, Carolyn Dawn - Die Of A Broken Heart (Karaoke Music)Die Of A Broken Heart Johnson, Carolyn Dawn 10 2
Carpenter, Mary Chapin - What Would You Say To Me (Karaoke Music)What Would You Say To Me Carpenter, Mary Chapin 11 2
Tyler, Ryan - Last Thing She Said, The (Karaoke Music)Last Thing She Said, The Tyler, Ryan 12 2
Britt, Catherine - Upside Of Being Down, The (Karaoke Music)Upside Of Being Down, The Britt, Catherine 13 2
Coffey, Kellie - Dance With My Father (Karaoke Music)Dance With My Father Coffey, Kellie 14 2
Brokop, Lisa - Wildflower (Karaoke Music)Wildflower Brokop, Lisa 15 2
Elam, Katrina - I Won't Say Goodbye (Karaoke Music)I Won't Say Goodbye Elam, Katrina 16 2
Preview Song Title Song Made Popular by Track # Disc #
Wilson, Gretchen - Here For The Party (Karaoke Music)Here For The Party Wilson, Gretchen 1 3
Clark, Terri - I Think The World Needs A Drink (Karaoke Music)I Think The World Needs A Drink Clark, Terri 2 3
Wright, Chely - Bumper Of My SUV, The (Karaoke Music)Bumper Of My SUV, The Wright, Chely 3 3
Elam, Katrina - No End In Sight (Karaoke Music)No End In Sight Elam, Katrina 4 3
Reba McEntire - Room to Breathe (Karaoke Music)Room to Breathe Reba McEntire 5 3
Martina McBride - How Far (Karaoke Music)How Far Martina McBride 6 3
Dean, Roxie - A Soldier's Wife (Karaoke Music)A Soldier's Wife Dean, Roxie 7 3
O'Neal, Jamie - Trying To Find Atlantis (Karaoke Music)Trying To Find Atlantis O'Neal, Jamie 8 3
Fairchild, Shelly - You Don't Lie Here Anymore (Karaoke Music)You Don't Lie Here Anymore Fairchild, Shelly 9 3
Dalley, Amy - Living Together (Karaoke Music)Living Together Dalley, Amy 10 3
Wilson, Gretchen - When I Think About Cheatin' (Karaoke Music)When I Think About Cheatin' Wilson, Gretchen 11 3
LeAnn Rimes - This Love (Karaoke Music)This Love LeAnn Rimes 12 3
Roberts, Julie - Chance, The (Karaoke Music)Chance, The Roberts, Julie 13 3
Womack, Lee Ann - I May Hate Myself In The Morning (Karaoke Music)I May Hate Myself In The Morning Womack, Lee Ann 14 3
Lambert, Miranda - Me And Charlie Talking (Karaoke Music)Me And Charlie Talking Lambert, Miranda 15 3
Evans, Sara - Tonight (Karaoke Music)Tonight Evans, Sara 16 3

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