Chartbuster Karaoke CDG CB5070 - 2006 Male Country HitsChartbuster Karaoke CDG CB5070 - 2006 Male Country Hits

Chartbuster Karaoke CDG CB5070 - 2006 Male Country Hits
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No CDG No 50 3
Preview Song Title Song Made Popular by Track # Disc #
Paisley, Brad - World, The (Karaoke Music)World, The Paisley, Brad 1 1
Chesney, Kenny - Living In Fast Forward (Karaoke Music)Living In Fast Forward Chesney, Kenny 2 1
Strait, George - Give It Away (Karaoke Music)Give It Away Strait, George 3 1
Urban, Keith - Tonight I Wanna Cry (Karaoke Music)Tonight I Wanna Cry Urban, Keith 4 1
Keith, Toby - Get Drunk And Be Somebody (Karaoke Music)Get Drunk And Be Somebody Keith, Toby 5 1
Morgan, Craig - Little Bit Of Life (Karaoke Music)Little Bit Of Life Morgan, Craig 6 1
Big & Rich - 8th Of November (Karaoke Music)8th Of November Big & Rich 7 1
Young, Chris - Drinkin' Me Lonely (Karaoke Music)Drinkin' Me Lonely Young, Chris 8 1
Rogers, Kenny - I Can't Unlove You (Karaoke Music)I Can't Unlove You Rogers, Kenny 9 1
Owen, Jake - Yee-Haw (Karaoke Music)Yee-Haw Owen, Jake 10 1
Rascal Flatts - What Hurts The Most (Karaoke Music)What Hurts The Most Rascal Flatts 11 1
Little Big Town - Bring It On Home (Karaoke Music)Bring It On Home Little Big Town 12 1
Heartland - I Loved Her First (Karaoke Music)I Loved Her First Heartland 13 1
Anderson, Keith - Every Time I Hear Your Name (Karaoke Music)Every Time I Hear Your Name Anderson, Keith 14 1
Turner, Josh - Would You Go With Me (Karaoke Music)Would You Go With Me Turner, Josh 15 1
Carroll, Jason Michael - Alyssa Lies (Karaoke Music)Alyssa Lies Carroll, Jason Michael 16 1
Aldean, Jason - Why (Karaoke Music)Why Aldean, Jason 17 1
Preview Song Title Song Made Popular by Track # Disc #
Urban, Keith - Once In A Lifetime (Karaoke Music)Once In A Lifetime Urban, Keith 1 2
Bentley, Dierks - Every Mile A Memory (Karaoke Music)Every Mile A Memory Bentley, Dierks 2 2
Keith, Toby - Little Too Late, A (Karaoke Music)Little Too Late, A Keith, Toby 3 2
McGraw, Tim - I've Got Friends That Do (Karaoke Music)I've Got Friends That Do McGraw, Tim 4 2
Allan, Gary - Life Ain't Always Beautiful (Karaoke Music)Life Ain't Always Beautiful Allan, Gary 5 2
Brooks & Dunn - Building Bridges (Karaoke Music)Building Bridges Brooks & Dunn 6 2
Nichols, Joe - Size Matters (Someday) (Karaoke Music)Size Matters (Someday) Nichols, Joe 7 2
Cross Canadian Ragweed - This Time Around (Karaoke Music)This Time Around Cross Canadian Ragweed 8 2
Atkins, Rodney - If You're Going Through Hell (Before The Devil Even Knows) (Karaoke Music)If You're Going Through Hell (Before The Devil Even Knows) Atkins, Rodney 9 2
Rascal Flatts - My Wish (Karaoke Music)My Wish Rascal Flatts 10 2
Jackson, Alan - Like Red On A Rose (Karaoke Music)Like Red On A Rose Jackson, Alan 11 2
Bates, Jeff - No Shame (Karaoke Music)No Shame Bates, Jeff 12 2
Paisley, Brad - She's Everything (Karaoke Music)She's Everything Paisley, Brad 13 2
Currington, Billy - Why, Why, Why (Karaoke Music)Why, Why, Why Currington, Billy 14 2
Strait, George - Seashores Of Old Mexico, The (Karaoke Music)Seashores Of Old Mexico, The Strait, George 15 2
Lonestar - Mountains (Karaoke Music)Mountains Lonestar 16 2
Ingram, Jack - Love You (Karaoke Music)Love You Ingram, Jack 17 2
Preview Song Title Song Made Popular by Track # Disc #
Holy, Steve - Brand New Girlfriend (Karaoke Music)Brand New Girlfriend Holy, Steve 1 3
Big & Rich - Never Mind Me (Karaoke Music)Never Mind Me Big & Rich 2 3
Church, Eric - Sinners Like Me (Karaoke Music)Sinners Like Me Church, Eric 3 3
Chesney, Kenny - You Save Me (Karaoke Music)You Save Me Chesney, Kenny 4 3
Worley, Darryl - Nothin' But A Love Thang (Karaoke Music)Nothin' But A Love Thang Worley, Darryl 5 3
Emerson Drive - Good Man, A (Karaoke Music)Good Man, A Emerson Drive 6 3
McGraw, Tim - When The Stars Go Blue (Karaoke Music)When The Stars Go Blue McGraw, Tim 7 3
Church, Eric - How 'Bout You (Karaoke Music)How 'Bout You Church, Eric 8 3
Bentley, Dierks - Settle For A Slowdown (Karaoke Music)Settle For A Slowdown Bentley, Dierks 9 3
Tomlinson, Trent - One Wing In The Fire (Karaoke Music)One Wing In The Fire Tomlinson, Trent 10 3
Adkins, Trace - Swing (Karaoke Music)Swing Adkins, Trace 11 3
Green, Pat - Feels Just Like It Should (Karaoke Music)Feels Just Like It Should Green, Pat 12 3
Willmon, Trent - On Again Tonight (Karaoke Music)On Again Tonight Willmon, Trent 13 3
Vassar, Phil - Last Day Of My Life (Karaoke Music)Last Day Of My Life Vassar, Phil 14 3
Aldean, Jason - Amarillo Sky (Karaoke Music)Amarillo Sky Aldean, Jason 15 3
Keith, Toby - Crash Here Tonight (Karaoke Music)Crash Here Tonight Keith, Toby 16 3

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