Original Footage Music Video Karaoke DVD Vol. 6Original Footage Music Video Karaoke DVD Vol. 6

Original Footage Music Video Karaoke DVD Vol. 6
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Song Book: Disc Format: Multiplex: # of Tracks: # of Discs:
No DVD No 20 1
Preview Song Title Song Made Popular by Track #
Elvis Presley - Blue Suede Shoes  (Karaoke Music)Blue Suede Shoes Elvis Presley 1
The Bee Gees - Too Much Heaven  (Karaoke Music)Too Much Heaven The Bee Gees 2
ABBA - Chiquitita  (Karaoke Music)Chiquitita ABBA 3
Chicory Tip - Son of My Father  (Karaoke Music)Son of My Father Chicory Tip 4
Manfred Mann - Mohair Sam  (Karaoke Music)Mohair Sam Manfred Mann 5
The Kinks - You Really Got Me  (Karaoke Music)You Really Got Me The Kinks 6
Aretha Franklin - I say a Little Prayer  (Karaoke Music)I say a Little Prayer Aretha Franklin 7
Brotherhood of Man - United We Stand  (Karaoke Music)United We Stand Brotherhood of Man 8
Mouth & McNeal - How Do you Do  (Karaoke Music)How Do you Do Mouth & McNeal 9
The Herman's Hermits - I'm Into Something Good  (Karaoke Music)I'm Into Something Good The Herman's Hermits 10
The Beatles - She Loves You  (Karaoke Music)She Loves You The Beatles 11
Gilbert O'Sulivan - Alone Again Naturally  (Karaoke Music)Alone Again Naturally Gilbert O'Sulivan 12
The Carpenters - Please Mr (Karaoke Music)Please Mr The Carpenters 13
Cliff Richard - Goodbye Sam Hello Samantha  (Karaoke Music)Goodbye Sam Hello Samantha Cliff Richard 14
Grand Funk Railroad - The Locomotion  (Karaoke Music)The Locomotion Grand Funk Railroad 15
The Hollies - Jennifer Eccles  (Karaoke Music)Jennifer Eccles The Hollies 16
The Animals - Baby Can I Take You Home  (Karaoke Music)Baby Can I Take You Home The Animals 17
Dawn - What Are You Doing Sunday  (Karaoke Music)What Are You Doing Sunday Dawn 18
The Platters - The Great Pretender  (Karaoke Music)The Great Pretender The Platters 19
Donna Summer - Hot Stuff (Karaoke Music)Hot Stuff Donna Summer 20

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