Yamaha MSR250 10" 250W Powered SpeakerYamaha MSR250 10" 250W Powered Speaker

Yamaha MSR250 10" 250W Powered Speaker
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High-quality Portable Power Loudspeaker, Compact Solutions for Superior Sound and Convenience. The MSR250 will sound superb while delivering the power and coverage you need for success in just about any venue or at any event.

Asymmetrical Cabinet Design
Sound bouncing around inside a speaker cabinet can have a significant effect on the sound that comes out. The biggest problem is standing waves that commonly occur between parallel surfaces. Standing waves can interfere with and color the speaker's output, thus degrading sound quality. The standard solution is acoustic insulation material inside the cabinet, which does help, but it doesn't address the underlying problem of cabinet geometry. Yamaha has gone the extra mile in designing the MSR250 and MSR400 cabinets, employing a unique configuration that eliminates parallel interior surfaces and therefore the root cause of standing waves. Acoustic insulation is also applied to effectively deaden the space inside the enclosure. Elimination of unwanted sound inside the cabinet means that optimum sound can be delivered to where it counts the most: your audience.

Ferrofluid Cooling
Any technology that involves power also involves heat, and this can result in compromised performance if heat generation is not effectively controlled. The current driving a speaker generates heat in the voice coil that, in extreme cases, can cause the speaker to burn out. But even if the speaker doesn't actually burn out, that heat still results in inefficiency and non-linearity that degrade overall performance. As the power and heat increase, the resistance of the voice coil increases as well, causing power compression, a loss in acoustic output that reduces the system's dynamic range. This problem is overcome in the MSR100 and MSR250 by placing an advanced ferrofluid in the voice coil gap, where it serves to conduct heat away from the voice coil with much greater efficiency than air. The results are smooth, natural frequency response and dynamics as well as stable performance even under heavy use.

Portable, Compact Solutions for Superior Sound and Convenience
Powered speakers offer many advantages over their passive counterparts, whether used on the road or in permanent installations. You don't need separate amplifiers or the extra cables and connections required, so setup is fast and easy while reliability is significantly improved. The ability to plug directly into the speaker inputs can eliminate an entire rack of amplifiers in a modest-size system. But the benefits go beyond mere convenience. Optimum matching of amplifiers and speakers involves much more than simple impedance figures, and can be a formidable engineering task given the vast number of choices available. The Yamaha MSR-series power amplifiers have been ideally mated to their respective speakers in every way possible, delivering reproduction quality that only the most stringent matching can achieve. There are also a significant number of Yamaha refinements that put these extraordinary powered speakers in a class of their own, including an original cabinet design that eliminates internal standing waves and ferrofluidcooled voice coils for superior stability and linearity. The MSR250, MSR400 or MSR100 powered speakers can be used alone or in combination with the MSR800W powered subwoofer to create sound reinforcement systems from modest to massive that will sound superb while delivering the power and coverage you need for success in just about any venue or at any event. They look great too, and can be used as-is in many permanent installations without requiring any cosmetic cover-up. They're more than rugged enough for demanding tour applications as well.

High-quality Portable Power
The MSR250 delivers the ideal blend of power, performance, features, and portability for an exceptionally wide range of applications. A newly designed class D amplifier delivers 250 watts of clean, dynamic power via a high-performance 10-inch cone woofer and 1-inch titanium-dome compression driver that match up perfectly for smooth, uncolored response from 55 Hz to 20 kHz. The woofer has an oversized 2.5-inch aluminum voice coil—a size you'd normally see on a 15-inch woofer—that contributes to outstanding sound and durability. With all this power and performance the big surprise is how light and manageable this advanced powered speaker is.

Versatile Dual-channel Input Configuration
For extra input flexibility the MSR250 features dual input channels, each with it's own low and high equalizer controls and level control. The signals from the two inputs are mixed and delivered via the MSR250 speakers as well as the rear-panel line out connector, allowing convenient linking to other speakers or audio devices for easy system expansion (the MSR250 is a perfect expansion speaker for Yamaha's STAGEPAS 250M compact sound system). Input 1 has balanced XLR and phone jack connectors that accept microphone or line input, and input 2/3 is actually a mixing input in its own right with phone jack and two pin jack connectors.

Built for Heavy Duty Use
Although it's lightweight and easy to handle, the MSR250 is exceptionally durable and will take the most demanding tours in stride. It's also designed to be used in a variety of situations, including normal upright and wedge-style floor monitor operation. There's also a built-in pole-mount receptacle for convenient stand mounting.

2-way Powered Speaker
Crossover Frequency
4 kHz (LF, HF: 12 dB/oct.)
Overall Frequency Response
55Hz - 20kHz (-10dB)
Maximum SPL
116dB (1m on Axis)
90°(H) / 40° (V)
Dimensions (W x D x H)
13 1/2" x 21 1/2" x 11 3/4"
14.1 kg (31.1 lbs.)
Speaker Section
LF: 10* Cone
HF: 1* V.C. Compression Driver
Enclosure Type
Bass-reflex Type
Suspension / Mounting
35-36 mm pole socket
Mounting Screws *2
M8 x 2
Amplifier Section
Class D
Output Power
200 W at 1 kHz.
THD=1 %,
RL=4 Ω
Maximum Power: 250 W
Input Sensitivity / Impedance
INPUT 1 (XLR): -60 dBu (Mic)/-30 dBu (Line),
(PHONE): -50 dBu (Mic)/-20 dBu (Line),
INPUT 2/3: -20 dBu
Input / Output Connectors
INPUT 1: XLR-3-31/PHONE (balanced)
INPUT 2/3: PHONE/RCA-PIN (unbalanced)
LINK OUT: PHONE (unbalanced)
EQ. LOW: ± 3 dB at 60 Hz,
HIGH: ± 6 dB at 10 kHz,
Power ON: Green LED
Clipping: Red LED
Power Consumption
40 W

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