Acesonic KC5200 1400 Watts 5.1 Channels Karaoke & Cinema Complete System PackageAcesonic KC5200 1400 Watts 5.1 Channels Karaoke & Cinema Complete System Package

Acesonic KC5200 1400 Watts 5.1 Channels Karaoke & Cinema Complete System Package
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The 5.1 Channels 1400-Watts Powerful Complete Package Includes:

DSP Karaoke & Cinema Amplifier KC5200

  • Unprecedented integrated design of Cinema and Karaoke. Supporting 5.1 channels output for home theater and simulate 5.1 channel output for karaoke environment for a total of 1400-watts of power output.
  • Supporting digitizing and networking intelligent home; remote control of infrared switch;
  • All digital audio processing system, stereo DSP multi-digital reverb, more professional vocal effect;
  • 3 in 1 out HDMI audio and video interfaces, optical and coaxial audio digital inputs;
  • 2 inches LCD color screen, CN/EN are optional, dynamic indicator display, four-key navigation controller, more convenient;
  • 16-Band PEQ for music, 16-Band PEQ for two ways MIC respectively, noise gate, HPF/LPF;
  • Functions for Effect: HPF/LPF,Reverb,Echo and 3-Band PEQ.
  • Functions for Main Outputs/Center/Sub/Surround: 5-Band PEQ, HPF/LPF, Input selecting and Mixing ratio, Polarity, Delay, Limiter and Gain.
  • With ADI chip, 255MHz main frequency, 32-Bit DSP processor, 48KHz sampling frequency, 24-Bit A/D and D/A converter;
  • Multiple interfaces such as USB, RS232, LAN and WiFi, equipped with professional PC software.
  • 16 groups system memories data, including 8 groups of preset, 8 groups of user settings; The boot data is the last saved parameters;
  • 2 levels lock function. Standby function.

Features & Specifications:

  • Output Channel: Main outputs (R/L) / Center / SUB/ SURR (L/R)
  • Output Power: 8 Ω 5*200W + 400W | 4 Ω 5* 400W + 800W
  • S/N R: >103dB
  • THD: <0.01%
  • Sensitivity: 0.775v/1.0v/1.4v
  • Input Impedance (Ω) : 20k Ω balance
  • Damping Factor: > 200/8 Ω
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz (+0dB - 0.5dB, 1KHz)
  • Crosstalk of Channels: > 95dB
  • Power Protection: short circuit, overcurrent, undervoltage overvoltage, overheating
  • Weight: 9.25KG
  • 485 x 460 x 95 mm

The Acesonic SP-450 Professional Karaoke Speakers are designed with serious singers in mind.  The Acesonic SP-450 is a bass reflex professional karaoke speaker that dishes out surprisingly rich, full sound for the mid-range. It takes advantage of the latest technology geared towards professional and home karaoke! The 10" woofer and two 3" tweeters provide smoother response and better detail than other speakers of the past. And these speakers don't just sound great; with it's solid black color and three dimensional curved design, these two speakers will look great in any club or home!


  • Attractive three-dimensional curved design
  • Excellent Mid-range sound reproduction for Vocal and Singing
  • Black Color
  • Speaker Stand Mountable
  • Ceiling Mountable
  • Design in the U.S.A.


  • Type: 2-way, 3-speaker Bass-Reflex Type
  • Speaker: 1 x 10" cone-type (Woofer) 2 x 3" cone-type (Tweeter)
  • Banana Plug connector style interface
  • Frequency Range: 55Hz-20kHz Rated Sensitivity: 90dB Max.
  • Maximum power Output: 300W Each x 2 Speakers for greater output requirements
  • Impedance: 2-8 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 92 dB
  • Dimension: 20.27" x 11.4" x 11.8" (LxDxH)
  • Net Weight:50.7 lbs.
  • Gross Weight: 58 lbs.
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

What is a bass reflex speaker?
Unlike an acoustic suspension speaker that uses a sealed enclosure, a bass reflex speaker includes a port (a hole in the box tuned to a specific frequency) or bass radiator (often referred to as a "drone cone") to produce more bass output in a tuned frequency range.

With a bass reflex design, efficiency is better - a bass reflex speaker will play louder than an acoustic suspension speaker when driven with the same amount of amplifier power. This can be a big benefit, especially if you're using a low-powered receiver or amp.

JBL 18" Compact Subwoofer (Single)

The JRX218S is driven by a massive JBL 18" woofer with a cast frame and 3" voice-coil.


  • 18 in. compact subwoofer.
  • 350 W (continuous), 1400 W (peak) power capacity.
  • The rugged enclosure is constructed from 19 mm (.75 in) MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) using advanced adhesives and mechanical fastener technology for durability and improved low-frequency performance. The enclosure is covered in black carpet.
  • A top mounted, cast aluminum 35 mm pole mount receptacle can receive an optional SS3BK pole to facilitate use of the JRX218S as a base for a midhigh speaker cabinet.
  • Non-resonant, all steel handles are used.
  • Attractive 18-gauge perforated steel grille protects components from damage.

Acesonic UHF-5200 PRO Digital Wireless Microphone System


  • Commercial grade UHF true diversity system
  • 8 Adjustable Sound Effects: Pop, Rock, Classic, Jazz, Dance, R&B, Boost, Treble3
  • CPU Control: A Micro Computer handles all the various functions such as frequency selection, display, sound settings and analyzing signals
  • Digital Frequency Synthesis Technology: Higher frequency stability
  • Digital Transmitting/Receiving Encryption
  • Single or Multi System Setup
  • Operates in 900-960MHz with 100 Channels - Avoiding crowded 600 & 800MHz bands & 160-260MHz VHF bands
  • Easy-to-Use infrared syncing feature and channel switching function
  • Two highly sensitive and durable microphones with LCD indicators
  • Rack-mountable


  • Overall:
    • Frequency Range: UHF 900-960MHz Digital Transmission
    • Digital Modulation Mode: pi/4DQPSK
    • Occupied Bandwidth: 300KHz
    • Transmission Rate: 204.8Kbps
    • Signal to Noise Ratio: 90dB
    • Frequency Response: 50~15KHz
  • Handheld microphone transmitter
    • Transmit Mode: Audio and Data using encrypted digital transmission
    • Dedicated Data Channel: 7kbps, internal CRC check
    • Capsule: Dynamic
    • Transmitting Power: ≤10dBm
    • Frequency Stabilization: ±0.005%
    • Battery: 2x 1.5V batteries
  • Receiver
    • Receive Mode: Digital Decryption Reception
    • Sensitivity: -94dBm
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